Conditions for disclaimer of liability

Our company's website contains all the information you need for the athlete. In its own way, we have a whole blog about health, various diseases, and sports pharmaceuticals. Our team strives to provide all the information athletes need. Every athlete can read only reliable, scientifically proven information on our site. However, despite the high quality of the material on our site, we do not make any guarantees regarding the content and are not responsible for the subsequent use of the material on our site.

It is important to understand that all information, even if scientifically sound, is for guidance only. This content is not a guide to use or a treatment protocol for any disease. Self-prescribing or self-treatment can be harmful to your health. Therefore, the athlete takes full responsibility for his/her health by taking sports medicine products that the athlete bought on his/her own.

Our website provides reliable information, which gives answers to all the questions of athletes. However, it does not replace a full consultation with a doctor. The doctor before prescribing a sport pharmacology drug makes a diagnosis of the athlete's health and prescribes a certain dosage of pharma.

All content posted on our website is strictly forbidden to be used for diagnosing diseases and prescribing further treatment. If an athlete experiences any changes in his or her health condition, or changes in his or her usual lifestyle, then a consultation with a doctor is indispensable. Despite all the awareness of athletes, the informative content of our website and the abundance of information on the internet, one should not delay visiting a medical facility if any adverse reactions occur while taking the medication.

If you have any questions regarding the health of an athlete and the effects of sports pharmaceuticals on the athlete's body, you should consult a physician.

Our team is not responsible for any misuse of the information on our website

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