Why You Need HCG If You Are On Testosterone Therapy-Recent Studies.

Recent studies shows that use of HCG will increase the effectiveness on increasing your testosterone levels if you are on testosterone therapy. HCG works in favour of men who are on testosterone by helping them to avoid shrinkage of testicles which is caused by use of exogenous testosterone (testosterone from outside).

What actually is HCG?

HCG stand for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone compound that is used to stimulate ovulation in women and testosterone production in men. My emphasis is on how HCG works in men especially the men who are on testosterone.

How does HCG Function?hcg testosterone

In essence, HCG is responsible for mimicking the Leutenizing Hormone (LH). LH stimulate the Leydig Cells in the testicles to produce testosterone. If your testicles were suppressed as a result of using exogenous testosterone, using HCG makes them to return to their normal size and function.
Therefore, all men who are on testosterone therapy are advised to take HCG. You should use it for one week and then take a three weeks break.

There are consequences if you fail to use HCG and you are on testosterone therapy. The brain is responsible for determining the amount of testosterone produced by your body. When you have optimal testosterone level, the brain does not send the LH signal, it will only be sent when the level falls below average. Now that you are using testosterone from outside source, your brain will most likely fail to send the LH signal to the testicles. When the testicles are not used, with time, they will shrink in size and functionality. The extent to which they shrink varies from one man to another. But the good news is that using HCG will restore the size and function in a turnaround duration.

If HCG stimulates your own testosterone production, why not use alone instead of undergoing testosterone replacement therapy? The reason is to why we don’t recommend that is because when you use HCG regularly, with time it will desensitize the Leydig Cells to your own LH. When you stop using HCG, your testicles will not recognize the LH signal from your brain, which is very unhealthy.

Using HCG will also stimulate estrogen production. When there is a sharp increase in testosterone level, your body converts the testosterone to estrogen. This can only be prevented by using products with high anti-estrogen properties such as a pill known as anastrazole.

In addition, you will also have more cholesterol in your body. I know you don’t want that. Cholesterol is the basic chemical structure for many hormones in the body. The enzyme that initiates the conversion of cholesterol to other hormones is also stimulated by LH. When you are on testosterone you suppress the LH but when you take HCG (in form of an injection). The enzyme is stimulated again and the pathway flows normally.


A medical prescription is required when taking HCG. However, a dosage of 500 IU three times a week, then taking a three weeks off works very effectively. It will be easier for you to remember when you take HCG on the first week of each month. The injection is similar to an insulin injection for seen in a diabetic person. When you take the injection, the level peaks in about 6 hours and remains that way for 36 hours and after 72 hours, the level falls to baseline. When you buy HCG from a pharmacy, it is normally packed in a kit which is fully packed with all that you need including instruction on how to make a HCG solution. The solution should be stored in a refrigerator and it expires after one month.


In a nutshell, using HCG while you are on testosterone works in your favour by helping you avoid testicle shrinkage, causes hormonal balance, increases libido and you overall well-being. Research is yet to reveal other useful utilization of this incredible hormone.

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