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Omnadren 250 mg Jelfa

Omnadren 250 mg Jelfa

Substance: testosterone mixture (30 mg testosterone propionate, 60 mg testosterone phenylpropionate,..

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Moldavian Pharma (Moldova) is a pharmaceutical company founded in 2017.

Moldavian Pharma has set as its main goal the production of only quality medicines, which will also have a reasonable price. We believe that medicines should be accessible to all people, regardless of their location, and available for them at any level of income, so that the cost of medical treatment should not worry any part of the population. We have used the best chemicals and the best raw materials in our products.

Currently, the company owns one production hall with 50 employees - doctors, chemists, technologists, programmers, engineers. All of them are highly qualified specialists. The goal of the company is to create in Moldova a qualified, competent staff, which would meet all the requirements related to pharmaceutical production. Now we have a system of product verification for all our products to combat counterfeit products.