Boldenon 200 mg Prime | TPT-0024

Boldenon 200 mg Prime | TPT-0024
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Description of the drug Boldenon 200 mg Prime

A drug that has no analogues in its effect and positive qualities. It was created for use in veterinary medicine. After going on the free market became, in demand in the sports world. It is similar in its effect to Methane and Testosterone, only has a powerful effect with a mild effect on the body. Unlike Testosterone, it has no androgenic effects. Its popularity is only increasing every year, despite the FDA bans. It is suitable for juniors and experienced athletes, as well as women. There are several types of this doping, they differ only in the speed of its effects on the body. It has a powerful anabolic effect and allows achieving physical superiority in a short period of time.

Effect on the body Boldenon 200 mg Prime

Stable growth of quality muscle mass, without water and kickback after the end of the application.

Improvement of athlete's strength and endurance.

  • Slight weight gain (important in a limited weight category).
  • Increased appetite.
  • Rapid metabolism, saturation of the body with the right elements.
  • Increase in nitrous metabolism.
  • Saturation of body cells with oxygen.
  • Promotes rapid recovery after injuries and heavy loads.
  • The impact on the burning of fat deposits.
  • Increase the energy level in the body.

Through a gradual impact allows you to maintain hormonal balance and stabilize energy consumption. Athletics steroid can withstand long distances. Beginners should consult with a sports coach or doctor before the first application.

Dosage and duration of use Boldenon 200 mg Prime

  • Be aware of all nuances and contraindications before use.
  • Take hormone tests.
  • If possible, contact a specialist to calculate the correct dosage.
  • The standard dosage for beginners is 200 mg per week, which is enough for the first course.
  • The dosage for professional athletes ranges from 400 to 800 mg per week, depending on the sport and length of anabolic use.
  • For women of the fair sex 100 mg per week is enough.
  • The duration of application depends on the desired result from 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Combines with Testosterone and Trenbolone, as well as Methane and gives a huge result.
  • After the course it is necessary to restore the hormonal background with special means.
  • Specialists do not recommend the drug to people with health problems.

Side effects Boldenon 200 mg Prime

Side effects are possible after exceeding the dosage and are temporary. Many athletes, especially beginners, are in a hurry and disregard the instructions and advice of doctors. The first signs that indicate an overdose:

  • Disorder of the intestines, abdominal pain.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Nausea, vomiting.
  • Headache dizziness.

It is worth noting that the symptoms may appear on first acquaintance with the drug and will last for several days. Call our specialists and consult for free.

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Active substance Boldenone
Active ingredient, mg 200
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Prime
Packing Bottle
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