Cabaser Original 1 mg Pfizer Labs | TPT-0124

Cabaser Original 1 mg Pfizer Labs | TPT-0124
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Cabaser will make it possible to train using particularly powerful drugs that have a significant impact on training efficiency, without the risk of side effects. Cabaser 1 mg belongs to the group of substances that activate dopamine receptors and inhibit the production of prolactin. It is used in sports as a substance that prevents feminisation.The semi-synthetic preparation is a derivative of the alkaloid of ergoline horns. In medicine it is used to treat pathologies of the central nervous system, including Parkinson's disease, and to stop lactation. It is available in tablet form for oral administration.

Indications Cabaser Original 1 mg Pfizer Labs

You can buy Cabaser in Ukraine in a pharmacy or at an affordable price in the Atlet-store internet shop. Bodybuilders and weightlifters who use anabolic steroids often use the drug. The Cabazer's course is shown if required:

  • avoid gynaecomastia, the appearance of female type fat deposits;
  • increase libido, improve erectile function;
  • lower blood pressure;
  • to get rid of swelling.

The pills help build muscle and improve their relief in a short time.

Dosage Cabaser Original 1 mg Pfizer Labs

The Cabazer course lasts 1.5 months. The medication is started with a minimum dose of 0.25 mg (1/4 tablet) twice a week and is gradually brought to 1 mg (1 tablet). A doctor's consultation is necessary before ordering 1 mg of Cabergoline and starting to use it.

Active substance Cabergolina
Active ingredient, mg 1
Release form Pills
1 pill, mg 1
Manufacturer Pfizer Labs
Packing Packing (20 pills), 1 pill
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