Cipandrol (Testosteron C) 200 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals | TPT0129

Cipandrol (Testosteron C) 200 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals | TPT0129
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How to use testosterone ether - injectionDuration of the airtime - 15 daysThe period of time during which it is possible to detect the use of the substance in the body is 3 monthsRecommended dosage for men: 200-1000 mg/week (the most acceptable varies between 200 and 500 mg).Effective dosage for women: not recommended, secondary sexual signs may develop due to strong aromatization. If men can get rid of gynaecomastia and acne without any problems, then in the case of girls, the side effects are permanent.Testosterone cipion has a fairly long lasting effect, as well as high androgenic and anabolic activity. It is no secret that the efficacy of a mass-produced course directly depends on the choice of prolonged testosterone. Steroid, allows an athlete to obtain excellent results even in a solo course.


The main feature of this product is its relatively short half-life. But this difference is quite insignificant. Moreover, this drug, if used correctly, allows the athlete to get results like this many times faster:

A set of muscles at an accelerated pace;Increased physical fitness performance;Increased endurance and motivation;Improved performance of joints and connective tissues;Strengthening the bone system.And these are just a few of the most important effects that this steroid will have on the athlete. Many athletes with experience of taking this drug note its high efficacy and the minimal chance of adverse reactions.


Specialists recommend taking the drug no more than once a week. This approach to steroid use will allow you to maintain an even hormonal background at all times and get maximum results from the course. On average, a single dose should not exceed 0.2 to 1 gram. If your course lasts about two months, you should not be afraid of unpleasant moments.

Athletes also note the high effectiveness of this steroid in combination courses. And it is possible to combine Testosterone Circuit with absolutely any steroids, everything depends only on the set goals and financial possibilities of a bodybuilder.

Country Moldova
Substance Testosterone, Testosterone cypionate
Active ingredient, mg 200
Packaging Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Vials per package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Balkan Pharmaceuticals
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