CJC 1295 2 mg Canada Peptides | TPT0177

CJC 1295 2 mg Canada Peptides | TPT0177 buy
CJC 1295 2 mg Canada Peptides | TPT0177
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Our store presents CJC-1295. According to consumer feedback, injections of these peptides are less frequent than the short version. The half-life period is 6-8 days, so specialists recommend taking peptides twice a week.

In principle, the drug is injected once every 8 days, but the efficiency of the course decreases. It is recommended to do the maximum gap of 5 days, but it is better to listen to the initial recommendation. Our company as an official distributor offers to buy CJC-1295 at the best prices at any time.


When CJC-1295 enters the human body, the production of both growth hormone and insulin growth factor is activated. With the prolonged version, the peaks of these hormones emission are close to natural.

For the initial effect, 4 injections are made: the release of somatropin in the blood increases from 2 to 10 times from the initial index, the concentration of insulin growth factor in the blood increases by 3 times.

Due to the announced changes, the following effect is achieved:

  • significantly increase power indices, which leads to the growth of muscle mass
  • the process of lipolysis is more intensive - fat burning increases the elasticity of joints and ligaments, when taken with a chondroprotector it is possible to recover from injuries of varying severity.

The quality of sleep is improved - only for this you should buy CJC-1295, because for a not too high price you will get a wonderful rest every night, improved skin and hair.

Country Canada
Substance Peptide
Active ingredient, mg 2
Packaging Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Vials per package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Canada Peptides
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