Clomid 50 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals | TPT-0298

Clomid 50 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals | TPT-0298
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Clomid is a non-steroidal antiestrogen widely used in sports. The active substance of the drug is clomiphene citrate. The drug is actively used by athletes during the PKT period.

Positive qualities and effects of Clomid

Clomid has long been used in medicine and has shown excellent results. It is quite obvious that the athletes paid attention to this and were not disappointed. For athletes, the most important properties of the drug are only two:

Active blocking of estrogen receptors.

Stimulation of the processes of gonadotropin synthesis.

Thanks to the first property, Clomid effectively suppresses the activity of female hormones. However, during the period of recovery therapy after a course of anabolics, the athlete first needs to restore the performance of the pituitary arch. This problem is solved thanks to the second property of Clomid.

It should be noted here that clomiphene citrate belongs to the class of selective estrogen receptor blockers. Unlike aromatase inhibitors, it is not able to suppress the conversion of testosterone into female hormones. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it directly on the track.

After the withdrawal of AAS, this drug is able to show all its best qualities. It is quite obvious that during the PCT period, the concentration of estrogen gradually decreases, since new exogenous hormones are not introduced. Thus, the drug is able to perfectly cope with the first task.

Since the functioning of the HGH axis was disrupted during the course, it will take a long time for self-healing. However, clomiphene citrate is able to increase the rate of synthesis of gonadotropins, which regulate the synthesis of testosterone.

Clomid combination and dosage

The daily dose of the drug is from 50 to 150 milligrams. Most often, to restore the body, it is enough to conduct a PCT for 2-4 weeks. It should be remembered that the duration and dosage of Clomid depends on the severity of the anabolic course. After using light AAS, it is sufficient to take 50 milligrams daily for two weeks. If an athlete has used powerful anabolics, then he should use a different scheme for the use of clomiphene citrate.

Active substance Clomed
Active ingredient, mg 50
Release form Pills
1 pill, mg 50
Manufacturer Magnus Pharmaceuticals
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