Desira Pen Bremelanotide РТ-141 20 mg SunSci Pharmaceutical | TPT-0296

Desira Pen Bremelanotide РТ-141 20 mg SunSci Pharmaceutical | TPT-0296
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Bremelanotide (from the English Bremelanotide, laboratory code PT-141) - a peptide developed by Palatin Technologies, is an analog of Melanotan 2, but is used mainly to enhance erection and libido. Bremelanotide is a metabolite of melanotan 2 that lacks the amide C-terminal. The peptide is undergoing clinical trials as a treatment for erectile dysfunction and sexual desire disorders. In addition, the drug causes a sharp increase in tanning (by stimulating the production of melanin by melanocytes).

Bremelanotide can be used for both men and women. Unlike Viagra and similar drugs, it not only affects the vessels of the genitals, but also increases sexual desire (desire).

Preliminary research results confirmed its effectiveness[1], but the trials were discontinued due to the development of side effects: an increase in blood pressure in some subjects. The peptide was administered as a solution intronasally.

In August 2009, Palatin Technologies announced positive results (side effects disappeared with the subcutaneous route of administration).[2] Final results will be available at the end of 2012.

In parallel, Palatin Technologies is studying a similar substance under the code PL-6983, which has a lesser effect on blood pressure.


The effect after the injection develops within two hours and reaches its peak in the third or fourth hour. The total duration of the action reaches 8-10 hours.

Bremelanotide is available in vials, in the form of dry lyophilized powder. Storage conditions: dry at a temperature of 0-8 C degrees. The shelf life is 2 years. In dissolved form, PT-141 should also be stored in the refrigerator, but its shelf life is reduced to 1-3 months.

Method of use:

njections with an insulin syringe are performed subcutaneously or less often intramuscularly (with a five-cube syringe with a 40 mm needle). In the form of a spray, intronasal use is not recommended, as there may be side effects associated with an increase in blood pressure (according to the tests). The optimal single dose of PT-141 is: 0.5 mg-1.5 mg (one bottle most often contains 10 mg of the active substance).

Active substance Peptide
Active ingredient, mg 20
Release form Cartridge
Manufacturer SunSci Pharmaceutical
Packing Packing (1 Cartridge)
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