Drostanalone Propionate U.S.P. (Masteron) 100 mg Zhengzhou | TPT0061

Drostanalone Propionate U.S.P. (Masteron) 100 mg Zhengzhou | TPT0061 buy
Drostanalone Propionate U.S.P. (Masteron) 100 mg Zhengzhou | TPT0061
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Masteron drug belongs to the group of steroids. It has a strong androgenic effect. Also has a moderate anabolic effect. It is used both by amateur athletes and professionals.

Description of the drug

Drostanalone Propionate 1 ml of 100 mg each is used by powerlifters, bodybuilders, swimmers and athletes. The product has an anti-estrogenic effect and is quickly eliminated from the body. For this reason, it can be taken before competitions. It is one of the safest steroids. It is non-toxic to the liver and does not transform into estradiols.


The main active substance is drostanolone.

Indications for use

Before you buy Drostanalone Propionate at a democratic value, consult with your trainer and the doctor treating you.

The drug is used for the purpose:

  • to improve endurance;
  • increase strength performance;
  • increase the relief and density of muscles without weight gain.


Optimal dosage - 100 mg, 1 time/72 hours, or after a day. It is allowed to combine this medicine with oxandrolone, stasolol, boldenone, methanol, or trenbolone.

Country China
Substance Drostanolon
Active ingredient, mg 100
Packaging Ampoule
1 ampoule, ml 1
Ampoules per package, pcs 10
Manufacturer Zhengzhou
Release form 1 ampoule, Packing (10 ampoules)
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