Gonadorelin 2 mg Canada Peptides | TPT-0162

Gonadorelin 2 mg Canada Peptides | TPT-0162
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Description of the drug Gonadorelin 2 mg Canada Peptides

Gonadarelin 2 mg is an artificial analog of the natural hormone Gonadoliberin. Gonadarelin (Gonadorelin) by its molecular structure belongs to the class of polypeptide hormones, the second name of the peptide Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH).

The source of production of the hormone Gonadorelin, hypothalamus, the main area of exposure is stimulation increasing the production of gonadotropins, which has a positive effect on the production of gonadotropic hormones luteotropin and follytropin increasing the secretion of the male hormone testosterone, and in women ovulation.

The use of Gonadarelin by men allows to normalize the spermatogenesis processes and production of sex hormones by increasing the size of the testicles.

Pharmacological preparation Gonadarelin is used in the treatment of prostate cancer, used in infertility and uterine fibrosis.

In bodybuilding Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) is used in post-course therapy (PCT).

Active substance Peptide
Active ingredient, mg 2
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Canada Peptides
Packing Bottle
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