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Klomidizol-50 50 mg Sopharma | TPT0133
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Klomidizol is a hormonal preparation. It is very common among bodybuilders during PCT. Klomidizol is the drug that will quickly and effectively help you return to a full sexual life. Antiestrogens are best friends of bodybuilders who use androgenic anabolic steroids in their classes. And that's why. Clomide is recommended for all bodybuilders. As for other anti-estrogens, it is expensive, but it is precisely the highest quality and most effective. And saving money on health is the last thing you need.

The working principle of clomide, its role on PCT

The working principle of clomiphene citrate is often seen as athletes use different dietary supplements in post-course therapy to restore their own testosterone production. Tinctures of herbs, tribulus, etc., I apologise for the expression, rubbish. This is not correct. After the AAS course, the body is in a deep hormonal pit because the lutenising and follicle stimulating hormone levels are zero. These are gonadotropic hormones, the amount of which determines blood testosterone levels. Clomide has a direct effect on LH and FSH levels. It also joins the estrogen receptors, so there will be a lot of estrogen in the blood test, but most of it will simply be inactive.

On the first days of taking Klomidizol-50 50 mg Sopharma after the course, LH and FSH levels rise to the upper maximums, very quickly raising the testosterone level. Thus, after just a few weeks (2-6) we get perfectly normal levels of testosterone, while LH and FSH levels will return to their previous normal values after the drug is cancelled. As far as the number of weeks is concerned, everything is individual. Someone will recover in 2 weeks, while others need 2 months. Again, it depends on what the course was.

How to take Klomidizol-50 50 mg Sopharma on PCT after the course

Application of clomiphene citrateDose of clomiphene citrate is determined according to the severity of the course. The more drugs were used, the larger the doses and the more powerful the drugs were, the longer recovery time will be needed and the more clomide will be needed.

Country Bulgaria
Substance Clomed
Active ingredient, mg 50
1 tablet, mg 50
Packaging Tablet
Manufacturer Sopharma
Release form Sachet (50 tablets)
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