Metenolone Enanthate U.S.P. 100 mg Zhengzhou | TPT-0102

Metenolone Enanthate U.S.P. 100 mg Zhengzhou | TPT-0102
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Metenolone enanthate 100mg 10ml  from Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical (Primobolan) is an injection steroid that will allow you to effectively approach the competition. Metenolone enanthate 100mg 10ml  has weak androgenic activity. The drug will allow you:

  • burn excess fat, while maintaining muscle mass on a rigid diet;
  • increase your strength without gaining weight.

The preparation enhances protein synthesis in the body and increases hypertrophy of muscle fibers. This steroid has low toxicity for the liver, almost no effect of conversion to estrogen, as well as the drug is safe for the prostate.

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Dosage Metenolone Enanthate U.S.P. 100 mg Zhengzhou

  • For men: 400mg per week.
  • For women: 50 to 100mg per week.

Since the drug acts rather mildly, it is necessary to take a longer course, about eight weeks. However, with increasing duration of taking the drug, the negative effect on the body increases. In the third week after the last injection is carried out PCT.

Metenolone is effectively combined with Nandrolone, testosterone, methandrostenolone, winstrol.

Side effects Metenolone Enanthate U.S.P. 100 mg Zhengzhou

We consider Primobolan one of the safest steroids on the market of sports pharmacology. Side effects can be distinguished:

  • aggression;
  • excitability;
  • insomnia.
Active substance Primobolan
Active ingredient, mg 100
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd
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