Omnitrop 15 IU Sandoz | TPT-0173

Omnitrop 15 IU Sandoz | TPT-0173
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Updated: 09/02/2022
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Description Omnitrop 15 IU Sandoz

Omnitrop Sandoz is a growth hormone product widely used in sports, especially in bodybuilding. It is also actively used in drying courses to form toned, veiny muscles. Omnitrop is a highly effective product, a 100% human growth hormone analog, which helps you quickly build lean muscle mass.

We offer to buy Omnitrop 15 IU Sandoz at the best price in England, offered by our online shop. Comfortable form of payment (prepayment or cash on delivery), and also fast delivery of the products will make the process of purchase comfortable and profitable. We assure you that you will not find counterfeit products in our shop, and the effect of the medication will be high and impressive.

Omnitrop Sandoz Effectiveness

  • Accelerate and optimise metabolism: the product improves protein utilisation and directs more protein towards building and growing new muscle.
  • Reducing fat deposits - Omnitrop 15 IU Sandoz is also an effective fat burner that will help you get rid of subcutaneous deposits.
  • Improves skin tone and hair health - the hormone has a pronounced rejuvenating effect and has a positive effect on the skin.
  • Strengthening of ligaments and bones: The hormone makes your bones more flexible and dense, increases your strength and stamina, and helps your body recover faster after workouts.

Experience of using Omnitrop 15 IU in England

Your coach or doctor can calculate the optimum dose taking into account individual characteristics of your body and any contraindications. The drug will give a noticeable result if you take it every day for 1-3 times. The approximate course of treatment is from one month to six months. Always start with a minimum dose, and then gradually increase it.

If you want to get rid of fat accumulation and are engaged in sports, it is better to divide Omnitrop into several doses, maintaining an interval of 8-9 hours. The recommended dose is 9-10 IU. In our online shop for Omnitrop 15 IU Sandoz price in England is always the most affordable.

Contraindications for use of the hormone

  • If, after testing, you find an allergic reaction to any component of the drug, it is worth replacing it with another.
  • Omnitrop should not be used by people who have malignant tumours or a closed epiphyseal growth zone.
  • Growth hormone should not be given to children who have chronic kidney disease or before a kidney transplant.
  • If you have had heart or abdominal surgery, multiple traumas or acute respiratory failure, your doctor may help you choose other drugs with similar effect.
  • Omnitrop Sandoz is also contraindicated in pregnant, breastfeeding women.
Frequent questions from our customers
Omnitrop 15 IU Sandoz is suitable for athletes, bodybuilders and sportsmen who want to improve their physical performance and endurance as well as to accelerate regeneration after workouts.
It is not recommended to independently select a Omnitrop 15 IU Sandoz regimen. You should consult your doctor or trainer who will be able to recommend the best course of action to achieve the desired results.
Duration of treatment may vary from several weeks to several months. Your trainer or sports doctor can choose the correct duration of the course, taking into account the peculiarities of your body and the desired goals of the drug.
You can pay by credit or debit card or via current account.
You may see the results of Omnitrop 15 IU Sandoz in a few weeks after you start taking it if you follow the instructions.
The price of Omnitrop 15 IU Sandoz is 350.00€.
Active substance Somatropin
Active ingredient, IU 15
Active ingredient, mg 5
Release form Ampoule
1 bottle, ml 1,5
Ampoules per package, pcs 5
Manufacturer Sandoz
Packing Packing (5 ampoules), Ampoule
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