Oxandrolone 20 mg Zhengzhou | TPT0043

Oxandrolone 20 mg Zhengzhou | TPT0043 buy
Oxandrolone 20 mg Zhengzhou | TPT0043
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Since relatively recently, Oxandrolon can be purchased from specialized Ukrainian Internet resources. This steroid with a ring A in the form of a heterocycle with a second carbon atom substituted for oxygen has an anabolic index that is four times higher than testosterone, while its androgenic activity is as much lower. This combination has turned the drug into one of the safest anabolic steroids available, which is not excluded for young beginners and women alike.

Oxandrolone is also valued for some characteristic properties:

  • the highest immunostimulation capacity;
  • the effect on the growth of tissue sensitivity to insulin action;
  • lack of anti-estrogenic activity typical of other modifications of dihydrotestosterone.

The effect of taking the drug is maintained for up to 24 hours, but traces of its presence in the body through doping testing are detected over a period of two months. What is the positive effect of oxandrolone on the body?

Oxandrolone, manufactured in China, is worth buying in the UK as a comparatively inexpensive and highly safe anabolic drug. Even when taken for a short period of time:

  • there is a noticeable increase in physical strength while maintaining body weight;
  • there is no accumulation of fluid, but with a short delay, muscles retain their elasticity and external appeal. In addition, the joints do not suffer;
  • there is a reduction in the volume of fat deposits, and there is virtually no renewal of the fat layer for a fairly long time. At least an experiment carried out with a group of elderly
  • men who did not have any training showed that the fat layer resumed only slightly in the year since the oxandrolon course;a decrease in appetite has been observed.

By taking an oxandrolone, it is thus possible to reduce fat accumulation, and by slightly increasing the musculature, it is possible to give it an impressive relief. Women take oxandrolone at a daily dose of 10 mg to 30 mg and break it down into several doses. Under these conditions, all forms of virileisation are eliminated. Beginner athletes are also recommended, who should not yet be exposed to powerful anabolic steroids, which can lead to serious side effects. Oxandrolone administration allows for a certain retraction and adaptation period, preparing the body for more serious effects of anabolic steroids.

Athletes who want to combine muscle improvement with building muscle mass resort to combining oxandrolone with highly androgenic anabolic steroids. Oxandrolon dosage is not raised above 40 mg per day, supporting the action of AAS by following a special diet and using sports nutrition.

Combinations with:

  • Primobolan;
  • suvanolan;
  • testosterone esters.

What negative effects of taking Oxandrolone should be prepared for. When working with one of the safest anabolic steroids, we must not forget that the possibility of undesirable side effects is not ruled out.

Taking it may cause it:

  • liver dysfunction, manifested by pain in the right footing, darkening of the urine and a light stool;
  • diarrhoea, as irritation of the mucous membrane occurs. This effect can be prevented by taking the product not on an empty stomach, but with meals or after meals. However, some experienced athletes believe that intestinal cleansing will only benefit the body.

Even less often, you may encounter the negative consequences of eating oxandrolon:

  • a worsening appetite;
  • headaches;
  • jumping blood pressure;
  • nausea. Athletes deal with all of these disorders very rarely, which confirms the product's reputation for safety.

Country China
Substance Oxandrolone
Active ingredient, mg 20
1 tablet, mg 20
Packaging Tablet
Manufacturer Zhengzhou
Release form Blister (25 tablets), Packing (2 blisters)
Blisters, tablets 2,25
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