Oxanozol 10 mg Sopharma | TPT-0055

Oxanozol 10 mg Sopharma | TPT-0055
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EFFECTS Oxanozol 10 mg Sopharma:

  • strong increase in the hardness of muscle fibres and increased relief,
  • effective splitting and burning of fats,
  • Increase in somatotropin levels,
  • growth in strength, endurance.

Oxanozol 10 mg Sopharma

The drug has no significant impact on muscle mass growth. Oxandrolon 'solo' is therefore appropriate to improve the relief of musculature. The duration of the course is 5-8 weeks. The production of endogenous testosterone is very slightly inhibited, so no post-sclerosis therapy is required when using the drug without combining it. You should consult a specialist to avoid possible side effects. In order to get the most out of oxandrolone, a low-carbohydrate (but high-protein) diet should be observed.

Oxanozol 10 mg Sopharma combines well with other anabolic steroids. To increase weight and strength simultaneously, it is recommended that stronger androgens are included in the course. Combination courses reduce the side effects of the drugs taken separately, and also have a greater effect than using the same drugs separately.

Oxanozol is best combined with such anabolic drugs:

  • Primobolan (excellent quality);
  • Testosterone (excellent weight);

When combining the drug with any ether of testosterone (sustanan), it is necessary to introduce proviron and/or anastrozole to reduce the risk of gynaecomastia. In addition, proviron significantly increases the effectiveness of the course by reducing the level of globulin that binds sex hormones.

Side Effects Oxanozol 10 mg Sopharma

  • Mild toxicity. Although Oxanozol is alkalised to 17 alpha, its toxic effect on liver cells is negligible. Studies have verified that liver enzymes remain normal with a daily dose of 20 mg of Oxandrolone for 3 months. There are no signs of liver damage, such as dark urine, light stools or pain symptoms in the right foothills.
  • Does not flavour the liver. As a result, there are no estrogen reactions - fluid accumulation, feminisation, etc.
  • slight impact on the secretion of the own testosterone hormone. Therefore, with small doses of Oxanozol there is no need for PCT.
  • At high doses, testosterone suppression occurs, so libido may drop and a sluggish erection may occur. In such cases, chorionic gonadotropin should be included in the course.

    Oxanozol 10 mg Sopharma is rightly considered the safest anabolic. For drying, it is one of the highest quality and most effective drugs. It gives good results when working on relief, muscle dryness, and is effective in reducing the fat layer. It can be used by girls during the preparation for the competition season, without a high risk of virile symptoms.


    Active substance Oxandrolone
    Active ingredient, mg 10
    Release form Pills
    1 pill, mg 10
    Manufacturer Sopharma
    Packing Bolsa (100 pills)
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