Parabolan 100 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals | TPT0027

Parabolan 100 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals | TPT0027
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Parabolan is a relatively young steroid. But in bodybuilding and powerlifting it is one of the most favorite drugs, and not without reason, not without reason. Parabolan - a strong, androgenic steroid, which also has a high anabolic quality. Its peculiarity is that it, unlike other strongly androgenic steroids, does not flavor. The active chemical of the drug does not turn into estrogens, so the athlete does not have to fight the high concentration of estrogens in the blood and feminization phenomena. Who uses Parabolan, in addition, will realize that the tissues do not have any accumulation of water. These qualities make Parabolan an outstanding steroid to prepare for competition. In combination with the high-protein diet, it is very effective - in this phase. If a low percentage of fat is already achieved through a low-calorie diet, Parabolan gives the athlete enormous muscle hardness.

The high androgenic effect of Parabolan prevents possible overtraining syndrome, accelerates regeneration, and the muscles look full, masculine and at the same time sharp. Parabolan gives the host an unusual increase in strength, which is particularly pronounced when taking Parabolan in combination with Oxandrolon. Since Parabolan does not attract water, there is no sharp increase in weight, but the growth of quality muscles is observed. Athletes who take Parabolan more than a few weeks, talk about the overall improvement in muscle hardness without diet. The Parabolan is especially good in combination with Winstrol and gives the athlete a clear gain in solid, high quality muscles along with a huge increase in strength.

Parabolan is not an acetate version of trenbolan, theoretically not as many injections. Most athletes inject it at least 2 times a week. There are also those who in the last 3-4 weeks before the competition injected themselves two ampoules daily. The dose of most of them is 300 mg per week, which corresponds to three ampoules per week. Experience shows that the best results are achieved with a dose of one 100-milligram ampoule every 2-3 days. A set of 100 mg Parabolan every 2 days + 50-100 mg Winstrol every day or 50 mg of testosterone propionate every day is very effective. Athletes interested in strong, fast weight gain often use 30 mg of methane per day, while those interested in quality and strength are willing to add 25 mg of oxandrolone per day.

Beginners in steroid courses should not use Parabolan. The same applies to women. Still, there is a sufficient number of athletes taking Parabolan. First of all, it concerns athletes of big sports who are in the phase of preparation for competitions. Women who inject themselves no more than 1 ampoule per week and limit themselves to 4 - 5 weeks can avoid or reduce the phenomenon of virilization.

As for the packaging, parabolan was produced in 1 ml ampoules, each ampoule contained 100 mg of active substance. The half-life period of this ether of trenbolone is significantly longer than that of acetate; based on the fact that the ether chain of the preparation contains 7 atoms of carbon, we can assume that by this indicator parabolan is close to testosterone enantate. Typical practice was 200-300-milliliter injections of parabolan (2-3 ampoules) every 3-4 days.

Until recently, there were no attempts to reanimate the production of cyclohexylmethyl carbonate ether, everyone preferred to produce only acetate. It is difficult to say what this was due to, perhaps, a basic lack of quality raw materials. Not so long ago, the raw material it appeared, there was a preparation containing as an active ingredient of trenbolone cyclohexylmethyl carbonate.

Country Moldova
Substance Parabolan
Active ingredient, mg 100
Packaging Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Vials per package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Balkan Pharmaceuticals
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