Peg MGF 2 mg Canada Peptides | TPT0188

Peg MGF 2 mg Canada Peptides | TPT0188 buy
Peg MGF 2 mg Canada Peptides | TPT0188
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PEG-MGF is a mechanical growth factor (MGF) - a type of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) that causes the division of myoblasts - muscle cells capable of developing into muscle fibres, and accelerates muscle growth and recovery. In contrast to IGF-1, Peptides Peg-MGF causes the division of myoblasts by activating different receptors.

The main problem with Canada Peptides Peg-MGF is its half-life, which is counted in minutes. To increase its half-life, a special molecule protection agent, PEG (pegging), is used.

Pegelation is the process of joining one or more chains of a substance called polyethylene glycol (PEG) to a protein molecule such as IGF, or in this case Canada Peptides Peg-MGF. Since the body does not react to PEG, this helps to provide a protective barrier around the right peptide or protein so that its half-life can be extended and it can last longer in the body. Peggylation is used for substances and proteins that are often exposed to enzymatic effects. PEG is an inert, non-toxic substance that can protect amino groups through its structure and flexibility.

Polyethylene glycol itself does not react in the body and is a very safe agent. PEG has been approved in the USA by the Food Ministry (FDA), and is also approved as a food additive in Russia. PEG is used everywhere as a base or binding agent for food and cosmetics, as well as in the calculation of filler in medicines in various formations injection ampoules, pills, nasal pharmaceuticals.

Pegyling makes it possible to improve and simplify the use of the drug by reducing dosage, as well as increasing bioavailability and reducing the frequency of dosage.

Pegtides Peg-MGF is highly bioavailable, injected 2-3 times a week and maintains a high concentration over a long period of time.

In bodybuilding Canada Peptides Peg-MGF is used to accelerate muscle growth. Other effects of the product include: reduced percentage of body fat, increased muscle relief, increased endurance, improved immune protection, improved skin condition, stronger bones, lower cholesterol levels, accelerated recovery. Users of Canada Peptides Peg-MGF say that they have not experienced any side effects caused by the use of other weight gain products.

PEG-MGF dosages:

Put 200-400 µg each day in one morning or evening injection in a 2000 µg bottle.

1 bottle is enough for a week.

Course 3-4 weeks, 1 week break.

Store PEG-MGF:

At a temperature of 2-8 degrees Celsius (in the fridge).

Country Canada
Substance Peptide
Active ingredient, mg 2
Packaging Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Vials per package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Canada Peptides
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