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Pharma Sust 300 mg Pharmacom Labs | TPT-0088
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If you are looking for a very effective tool at a reasonable price, then it is the Rharmasust 300 that fits your description. Being a truly unique product, its properties will be appreciated by every athlete.

About Pharma Sust 300 mg Pharmacom Labs

What is the uniqueness of this drug? Sustan pharmacom is an ether that combines 4 types of testosterone: decanoate, phenylpropionate, isocarpoanate and propionate. Due to the fact that there are 4 different esters in the composition, the splitting and absorption of the body takes place long and gradual. This allows you to avoid the occurrence of different seals in the injection sites, painful sensations and irritations on the skin. Although the effect itself is not much different, if you inject each of the components separately. But thanks to the mixture, the injection should be done not more than once a week. Reviews about the drugstuffs say that you can inject once a week and a half, although everything is individual.

Technically, in 300 mg of the drug is 36 milligrams of propionate, 72 milligrams of phenylpropionate and isocaproate, and the rest is added with testosterone deanoa. The whole beauty of this mixture is that the components complement each other and their action begins almost immediately after injection and lasts about a week invariably.

Rules of intake Pharma Sust 300 mg Pharmacom Labs

The course is not too long - a month at the most, but to discuss with the doctor and trainer how to take Rharmasust 300 is before starting the injection of the drug. Depending on individual characteristics, the course duration and dosage may vary. On average, the maximum dosage of the drug in the blood comes two weeks after the start.

The general limits of steroid use are from 250 to 750 mg per week, provided that the injections themselves are not made more than once a week. Women should not use this drug, because it conflicts with their hormonal background.

Positive effects Pharma Sust 300 mg Pharmacom Labs

The following positive aspects can be seen from the use of this drug:

The relief of muscles. Tense muscles after training quickly reduce in volume, creating high-quality muscle mass with good shape. This is due to the active formation of protein.Protection against so called backtracking. Thanks to a mixture of several esters, the muscles are immediately formed strong and after the course there will be no reduction in muscle size or the like.The athlete becomes more resilient. This is quite expected when taking anabolics, but, nevertheless, an important bonus.Increased appetite. This is due to certain hormones that are produced in the body when using this drug.An increase in male libido and a pronounced sexual desire. Testosterone - there is no getting away from it.

Side effects Pharma Sust 300 mg Pharmacom Labs

As they say about Soustanan, no strong side effects were observed, but he was warned - so he is armed.

Increase in the percentage of body fat. It is expected, because the drug itself causes an increase in appetite and it is much easier to get fat deposits.If the recommended dose is exceeded, acne (acne, acne), baldness or active hair growth may occur. To avoid this, you should sometimes make hormone tests during the course and adjust the dosage.These small side effects are caused by Pharmasust 300, but in the right combination with other drugs this can be avoided.

Active substance Sustanon
Active ingredient, mg 300
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Pharmacom Labs
Packing Bottle
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