Pregnyl 5000 Original 5000 IU Organon | TPT-0134

Pregnyl 5000 Original 5000 IU Organon | TPT-0134
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Gonadotropin is a drug that helps restore the functioning of the pituitary arch. Since novice athletes carry out light anabolic cycles, they can do without this medication.

Properties of Pregnyl 5000 Original 5000 IU Organon

To quickly understand the positive properties of the drug, you need to understand the principle of regulating the synthesis of the male hormone in the body. This function is performed by the pituitary arch, which we have already mentioned. It includes the pituitary gland, testicles and hypothalamus.

On an anabolic cycle, the concentration of endogenous male hormone increases rapidly, as anabolic steroids are regularly administered. The higher the dose of these drugs, the faster the testosterone level rises. As a result, the body stops producing natural substances.

If the testicles are idle for a long time, and this depends on the duration of the course, then they atrophy. If appropriate measures are not taken in time, then serious negative consequences are possible.

Rules for the use of Pregnyl 5000 Original 5000 IU Organon

Let us immediately pay attention to the fact that the drug is taken in courses, the duration of which is three weeks. Rest of a similar duration should then follow. This is an extremely important point, since otherwise the situation will only get worse. We also recall that you need to buy Gonadotropin only in a situation when the duration of the cycles is more than 10 weeks. You need to put Gonadotropin every third day in the amount of 500-00 units. The drug should be used directly during the course, and not during the period of post-cycle therapy.

Active substance Gonadotropina
Active ingredient, IU 5000
Release form Ampoule
1 bottle, ml 1
Ampoules per package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Organon
Packing Ampoule
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