SP Cabergoline 0,25 mg SP Laboratories | TPT-0297

SP Cabergoline 0,25 mg SP Laboratories | TPT-0297
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Description and pharmacological action

Cabergoline is a drug that inhibits the production of the female hormone prolactin, thereby relieving the athlete from prolactin side effects. Useful properties are due to the ability of the substance to affect the dopamine-type receptors located in the pituitary gland. This reduces the activity of the center responsible for the secretion of prolactin.

Within 3 hours after the start of taking the drug, the concentration of the hormone in the blood begins to decrease. For 2-3 weeks, with regular use, the hormone level remains at optimal levels. 6 hours after taking the medication, another effect is noted – a decrease in blood pressure.

How does Cabergoline affect the athlete's body:

* helps to get rid of prolactin side effects – edema, gynecomastia and fat deposits;

•  prevents the development of impotence and infertility;

•  resumes the production of endogenous testosterone;

•  normalizes blood pressure;

•  improves mood and psychoemotional state;

•  increases the athlete's competitiveness, strength and self-confidence.

An important advantage of Cabergoline is its selectivity. The active substance only affects the production of prolactin and does not affect the work of the endocrine system as a whole.

-Application schemes in sports

The main indication for the use of Cabergoline is post-course therapy after taking the anabolics Trenbolone and Nandrolone. These steroid drugs are called progestins, they stimulate the secretion of prolactin and cause the corresponding side effects-gynecomastia and puffiness. Cabergoline helps the bodybuilder to overcome undesirable phenomena and recover faster. The drug is available in tablets of 0.5 mg - you can take them at any time, regardless of food.

The schedule of taking the drug is based on the following scheme:

* 3-4 weeks after the start of the course of steroids, the athlete takes 0.25 mg of Cabergoline every 7-21 days. At this point, the concentration of prolactin is approaching the maximum, so pharmacological support is necessary.

* With a steady increase in the level of prolactin and pronounced side effects from steroids, the frequency of taking the drug is increased – 0.25 mg every 4 days.

Post-course therapy with Cabergoline is preferably carried out with the support of laboratory tests, which will help to form an overall picture of the hormonal sphere of the athlete.

Side effects of taking it:

• dry mouth;

•  digestive disorders;

• shortness of breath;

• skin rash;

• decreased blood pressure (hypotension);

• insomnia.

Side effects occur rarely and only when taking very high doses of Cabergoline.

Active substance Cabergolina
Active ingredient, mg 0,25
Release form Pills
1 pill, mg 0,25
Manufacturer SP Laboratories
Packing Packing (20 pills), 1 pill
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