SP Propionate (Testosteron Propionate) 100 mg SP Laboratories | TPT-0118

SP Propionate (Testosteron Propionate) 100 mg SP Laboratories | TPT-0118
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Propionate SP Laboratories is a fast acting, strong anabolic and androgenic steroid. The active ingredient here is testosterone propionate, which to this day remains one of the most popular and most effective testosterone esters available for purchase.

This steroid is used primarily by athletes (to achieve muscle growth or even dryness), but may have some medical uses. Testosterone-containing injections similar to it are regularly prescribed for disorders in the functioning of the reproductive system in cancer and other diseases.

SP Propionate (Testosteron Propionate) 100 mg SP Laboratories: description

The action of this drug is varied in terms of the manifested improvements. With its help, the athlete can achieve not only a qualitative increase in muscle mass, but also contribute to fat burning and even strengthen the body (ligaments, joints, bones, etc.). However, due to its strong androgenicity, it is mainly recommended only for men. Women who perform these injections put themselves at risk of developing virilization. It is the development and accumulation of masculine traits in women, such as a rougher voice.

SP Propionate retains less water compared to preparations based on long esters of testosterone, therefore it provides better muscle growth. Also among the results of its use are: an increase in endurance and strength characteristics of the user, an increase in the relief and density of the muscles, and even an increase in libido during the course.

This is a relatively safe steroid for men, if there is no abuse of dosages and duration of administration. The side effects likely to be due to SP Propionate are usually easily preventable, or at least minimized without serious consequences. It does not have a pronounced toxic effect on the liver. Post-cycle therapy is mandatory upon completion of the course.

What specific side effects can SP Propionate cause? Possible here are estrogenic disturbances due to aromatization (high blood pressure, fluid retention, gynecomastia in men with a predisposition), a decrease in the production of their own testosterone and androgenic side effects (for example, acne). Complaints about discomfort or painful injections are rare.

According to reviews, JV Propionate is a working steroid drug that should be paid attention to not only for beginners, but also for experienced athletes. For beginners, it is a good choice, since it is relatively harmless if the recommendations are followed and at the same time, it gives pronounced results, and for experienced pros, because it perfectly combines with almost any steroid, from turinabol to trenbolone.

Storage conditions Propionate from SP Laboratories (Moldova): dry and completely dark storage place, since exposure to light and moisture can have a negative effect on the quality of injections; room temperature is not higher than 25 degrees; for safety reasons, it is also recommended to keep it out of reach of animals or children.

SP Propionate 100 mg SP Laboratories Course

The drug is in high demand among athletes. But as well as analogues based on testosterone propionate, it can be effectively used as a drug for menopause in men, hypofunction of the gonads, sexual underdevelopment (to stimulate the development of secondary and even primary male sexual characteristics), breast oncology, dysfunctional metrorrhagia and menopause in women.

For athletes for sports purposes, dosages of SP Propionate of the order of 100 mg are recommended with a frequency of use every other day or every third day. The course of application can effectively last up to 6-8 weeks. With a longer duration of use or dosages, there is a risk of shifting the action of the steroid towards side effects.

It is usually easy to calculate how much of a drug is required to administer a given dose, since it has a convenient concentration of the substance. So, you need exactly 1 ml for the recommended dosage of 100 mg or 0.5 ml for the dosage of 50 mg.

More often the use of SP Propionate is carried out in combined courses than in solo, although as the only steroid on the course, it can provide at least good results. Examples of combinations: with stanozolol for drying, with turinabol or boldenone for high-quality muscle growth, with nandrolone or trenbolone for a pronounced increase in muscle mass.

The course of using SP Propionate has its own contraindications. This drug is not recommended for use in prostate cancer, gynecomastia; for medicinal purposes, it should be used with caution in young women, as well as in boys who have not reached the age of majority (with open zones of bone growth).

Active substance Testosterone, Testosterone Propionato
Active ingredient, mg 100
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer SP Laboratories
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