SP Propionate (Testosteron Propionate) 100 mg SP Laboratories | TPT0118

SP Propionate (Testosteron Propionate) 100 mg SP Laboratories | TPT0118 buy
SP Propionate (Testosteron Propionate) 100 mg SP Laboratories | TPT0118
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Testosterone propionate differs from other types of testosterone in that it almost retains no water in the body.

This is why many bodybuilders consider testosterone propionate to be ineffective. Yes, you won't be able to gain up to 8 or 10 kg of propionate in a month, but you can do so with less effort using drugs such as metandrostenolone. But a much larger number of athletes choose SP Propionate for these qualities.

This is particularly important in pre-competition training. When combined with some highly analgesic and low-androgenic steroids such as winstrol or promo dolan, the SP Propionate helps build muscle mass and reduce the fat layer.

SP Propionate is not as popular as, for example, Testosterone Ciponate or Testosterone Enantate, which is in demand in Europe. SP Propionate has not become so popular, not because it does not work or is ineffective, but because bodybuilders, powerlifters and weightlifters simply do not have enough information about this drug. The first and main difference is the duration of the drug's action. SP Propionate has a shorter duration of action, approximately two days. When taking 100 mg SP Testosterone Propionate, the increased level of testosterone is noticeable for about two days, and when taking 250 mg of testosterone enanthate for about two weeks.


SP Propionate is used more often for courses on dry muscle recruitment and strength gain. This injection drug starts to work very quickly after the first one already injected. The JP propionate acts as an effective type of testosterone with a short duration of action, but its androgenic activity intersects with anabolic activity and has an excellent effect on the athlete. His strength, speed and endurance move and grow as fast as possible.

SP propionate is today the lightest form of androgenic steroid. It is suitable for almost all steroids where anabolic activity predominates. SP Propionate does not need to be placed in the same course as a suvanana or enantate, there can be very severe side effects. All three injectable steroids should be used separately in each course.

Testosterone SP Propionate can also be placed in the same course as the solo. The performance and result can be quite good. Everything will depend on the dosage in use of this type of drug.

The Androgenic Steroid SP Propionate can be included in a high mass enrollment course, or it can be used for a high quality fat burning cycle. It works equally well with all anabolic steroids. The result obtained during testosterone propionate is retained for a long time by every athlete. Muscle catabolism occurs when you accumulate a high percentage of fluid on a course.

Country Moldova
Substance Testosterone, Testosterone propionate
Active ingredient, mg 100
Packaging Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Vials per package, pcs 1
Manufacturer SP Laboratories
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