Strombafort 10 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals | TPT-0084

Strombafort 10 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals | TPT-0084
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Description of the drug Strombafort 10 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals

This preparation is manufactured by the world-famous Moldovan steroid company Balkan Pharmaceuticals, the active ingredient in it is 'stasolol', the preparation is produced in blisters, one blister contains 20 tablets of 10 mg of the substance in each tablet, and the preparation is sold in 5 blisters in packaging, i.e. 100 tablets. Strombafort 10 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a more pronounced anabolic, it is not flavoured and it is a derivative of dehydrotestosterone, this drug is water-based, which can cause painful sensations after injection.

This drug is very good for people who like to gain not much muscle mass, but better quality, because it does not retain fluid in the body, but on the contrary, it removes it, the person taking this drug becomes drier, the veins start to protrude right in front of their eyes, and the strength is constantly increasing only upwards. Because of its ability to take water out of the body, it also takes water out of the joints, so people with sick joints should avoid using this drug.

Also keep in mind that after any steroid course, you need to have a course therapy, although Stasolol Balkan is a very mild drug and almost harmless steroid, but it does stops producing its own testosterone, and in order for the hormonal background to return to normal quickly, you need to have a full course of post-course therapy with appropriate drugs such as anti-estrogen, and additional intake of vitamins and testosterone boosters is also not superfluous.

Strombafort 10 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals has very positive properties, such as:

  • There are good gains in lean muscle mass gain.
  • Significantly improves power performance.
  • Helps to increase appetite.
  • Very well improves endurance.
  • Rapid recovery from heavy strength training.
  • Does not trap water in the body, but rather removes it.
  • It burns the fat and the muscles become embossed.

There are also side effects of this excellent product such as:

Lowering the production of its own testosterone, considerable strain on the liver, pimples, increased aggression, headache, rapid pulse, and water withdrawal from joint bags. But the side effects are almost never seen, most often stress on the liver and joint pain.

Strombafort 10 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals how to take

The dosage of stasolol in tablets for beginners and people with little experience in chemical courses is 30-50mg per day. For more experienced chemists with length of service, the dosage starts at 50-100mg per day. It is possible to combine the drug with any steroids in injections, but it is strongly discouraged to combine it with other anabolics in pills, because the load on the liver will increase very much.

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Strombafort to buy London or other cities in the UK - it is very easy to buy this drug, you need to place an order on our website, select the right amount of the drug and fill in the data for which we will be able to send you your order, after you have filled in all the data, pay for the goods you ordered and we will ship them as soon as possible. You can easily check the drug on the official website of the company Balkan Pharmaceuticals. Our shop sells only quality and original products; we work directly with many leading pharmaceutical companies and take anabolic steroids directly from the manufacturer, without the involvement of outsiders.

Active substance Stanozolol
Active ingredient, mg 10
Release form Pills
1 pill, mg 10
Blister, pills 4. 25
Manufacturer Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Packing Packing (4 blisters), Blister (25 pills)
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