Sustamed 250 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals | TPT0111

Sustamed 250 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals | TPT0111 buy
Sustamed 250 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals | TPT0111
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It is a uniquely formulated steroid containing 250 ml of 1 ampoule of 4 esters of testosterone:

  • 30 mg propionate;
  • 60 mg of phenylpropionate;
  • 60 mg of isocaproate;
  • 100 mg of decanoate.

The manufacturer manufactures 10 packs each. Athletes also call it Sustavan or Sustaved. It has been known to the iron world for 50 years and during this time it has become the most popular among AAS. The moderate price for Sustaved in UK contributes to its distribution among domestic athletes.

Sustamed Balkan action

Thanks to a combination of components, Sustanan ensures a uniform and gradual increase in muscle mass. The price of Soustana Balkan pays off in full during the reception, as you do not have to buy several steroids for the complex course. The optimal balance of anabolic and androgenic effects allows you to build up muscle volume and gain weight. An increased concentration of male hormone stimulates protein synthesis, increases appetite, speeds up metabolism and gives you energy.

The different esters of testosterone in Sustanan guarantee a three-week exposure to the body. This is due to the difference in the withdrawal period of each ingredient. While one of the ingredients only begins to take effect 24 hours after injection, the other is already eliminated, and so on. The uninterrupted effect lasts 21 days.

Dosage of Sustamed Balkan

According to the recommendations of sports physicians and experienced trainers, the Sustamed course consists of 2 injections per week for one or two months. The doses depend on the task at hand, the weight of the athlete and the training programme drawn up. Maintaining a sports diet is crucial. Feedback on Sustamed Balkan shows a good result with a standard dose of 500 mg. The minimum threshold for exposure to the athlete's body is 250 mg, and the maximum (for professionals only) is 750 mg.

Soustan Balkan can be bought for solo admission as well as for a complex cycle. It is usually combined with Deca - such a set, according to coaches, gives the best effect in weight gain and strength gain. It is as good as the mixture of Sstanan and methane in terms of growth rates. At the same time, the portions of drugs need to be halved.

Country Moldova
Substance Sustanon
Active ingredient, mg 250
Packaging Ampoule
1 ampoule, ml 1
Ampoules per package, pcs 10
Manufacturer Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Release form 1 ampoule, Packaging (5 ampoules)
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