Tamoxifen 20 mg Prime | TPT-0017

Tamoxifen 20 mg Prime | TPT-0017
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Tamoxifen from Prime is a non-steroidal drug that blocks the production of estradiol in the human body, which is produced by taking strong steroids. It also has antitumor properties, so in medicine it is used to treat cancer.

After taking the drug in humans increases the production of testosterone, due to exposure to the pituitary gland, which provokes the release of gonadotropin.

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Positive effects Tamoxifen 20 mg Prime

After taking the drug, athletes:

  • The level of natural testosterone increases.
  • Oestrogen receptors are blocked.
  • Gynecomastia, increased pressure and water retention in the body are prevented.
  • The level of harmful cholesterol in the blood decreases.
  • Physical endurance is increased.
  • Muscles are made more resilient, embossed.
  • The production of estrogens is blocked.
  • Aromatization is prevented.
  • The regeneration of damaged tissues is accelerated.
  • Restores the liver after taking steroids.

In addition, the drug strengthens the immune system and bones, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, heart and vascular diseases, burns excess subcutaneous fat, and prevents kickback.

Dosage Tamoxifen 20 mg Prime

Dosage of the drug is set individually for each athlete depending on the state of his body. The pills are taken orally and filled with water. The maximum dose of the drug is 40 milligrams, the course of taking lasts from 4 to 10 weeks, based on the complexity of recovery after steroid intake. Daily dose is taken once or divided into two doses. It is recommended to take the drug at the same time of day.

How to take Tamoxifen Prime on PCT? After a very heavy course of steroids, the drug is taken according to the scheme: 3 days - 80 milligrams, 12 days - 40 milligrams, 15 days - 20 milligrams and 15 days - 10 milligrams.

After the heavy course Tamoxifen is drunk 15 days at 40 milligrams, then 15 days at 20 milligrams and 15 days at 10 milligrams.

After an average course of 30 days the preparation of 20 milligrams is taken, the next 15 days - 10 milligrams.

After a mild steroid course, the drug is drunk 15 days at 20 milligrams and 15 days at 30 milligrams.

When combined with Oxandrolone, Metenolone, Metandrostenolone, Turinabol and Stanozolol, Tamoxifen take 15 days of 20 milligrams and 15 days of 10 milligrams.

The drug Tamoxifen Prime, after the course, allows to quickly restore an athlete's body after taking even the most complex steroids with strong flavorings, so its use on the TCP is essential.

Active substance Tamoxifene
Active ingredient, mg 20
Release form Pills
1 pill, mg 20
Manufacturer Prime
Packing Pacchetto (50 pills)
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