Testosterone enanthate 250 mg Moldavian Pharma | TPT-0161

Testosterone enanthate 250 mg Moldavian Pharma | TPT-0161
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Updated: 20/05/2021
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Today, testosterone enanthate is actively used in almost all strength sports, from weightlifting with powerlifting to bodybuilding. According to its chemical structure, TESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE 250 MG is an ester of testosterone enanthate dissolved in oil. Its main feature is the long-term concentration of the active substance in the blood.

Features of Testosterone enanthate 250 mg Moldavian Pharma:

  • Good anabolic activity;
  • High androgenic activity;
  • Possible aromatization with wrong courses;
  • Possible suppression of the GGT axis with too long courses;
  • No harm to the liver and related enzymes;
  • Convenient injection form, which allows 1-2 injections per week;
  • Long duration of action;

Perfectly combined with many types of sports pharmacology for any purpose, whether it is gaining muscle mass, increasing strength or accelerating recovery.

What is Testosterone enanthate 250 mg Moldavian Pharma?

Testosterone enanthate, as noted above, is a long ester, so you won't need to do frequent injections. The peak concentration of the active substance is observed already 2-3 days after the first injection. Then, within 12-14 days, the amount of the active substance in the blood will gradually decrease. At the same time, the half-life is 9-10 days, which is why the injection is done every 7-8 days.

Pure testosterone ester has several advantages over classic purely anabolic steroids. First of all, this is a high androgenic index, although many inexperienced athletes consider this indicator to be negative. In fact, due to the moderate androgenic effect, the enanthate course is accompanied by a pronounced increase in strength characteristics and strength endurance against the background of "frenzied" pumping. This is largely due to the accumulation of fluid and the alignment of the electrolyte balance.

Effects of Testosterone enanthate 250 mg Moldavian Pharma cycle:

  • Fast and substantial gain of muscle mass;
  • Accumulation of water and a corresponding increase in power characteristics;
  • Colossal pumping during multi-repetitive training, which is felt even during light training;
  • Expressed acceleration of recovery processes, due to which the athlete has the opportunity to train 5-6 times a week;
  • Increased vitality and the appearance of cheerfulness;
  • Increased libido and stronger erection;
  • Elimination of pain associated with the articular-ligamentous apparatus due to the flow of fluid;
  • Constant anabolic background (positive nitrogen balance);
  • A dramatic acceleration of protein synthesis and the corresponding rapid compensation of all body resources;
  • Strengthening the resilience of the central nervous system, even with everyday failure training of the strength format.

Testosterone enanthate 250 mg Moldavian Pharma course

You can advise both beginners and professionals to buy enanthate. It will work 100%, especially when properly combined with any anabolic steroid or even with a mixture of other testosterone esters. I recommend that you use testenol 250 enanthate for muscle growth. Weight gain will be fast and substantial, but do not forget that together with muscles you accumulate water due to high androgenic activity. After the drug is discontinued, the water will merge, and the weight will decrease, but at the same time it will give a certain relief, especially against the background of proper nutrition. Well, in order not to "drain" the muscle mass gained on the enanthate course, competent post-cycle therapy (PCT) is necessary.

On average, the duration of courses based on testenol 250 lyka varies from 6 to 8 weeks, but no more. If you already have a certain experience of using sports pharmacology, then with the correct combination of drugs, the enanthate course can also be used for drying. Oxandrolone or Winstrol are suitable for this purpose.For gaining muscle mass, classic schemes are suitable. For beginners, it will be enough to buy turinabol, oxandrolone or ordinary methane. Together with enanthate, you can get tremendous results. Experienced amateurs will be pleased with the combination of testenol 250 with oxymetholone. Injectable mixing options include nandrolone and trenbolone.

Possible side effects Testosterone enanthate 250 mg Moldavian Pharma and PCT

Due to the high androgenic activity, huge dosages can cause a list of side effects, of which the worst is gynecomastia. In order to avoid the negative consequences of the enanthate course, it is necessary to consciously approach the issue of dosages and PCT. For beginners, 250-500 mg per week will be enough (1-2 injections in 1 or 2 days). For the more experienced, the figure should not go beyond 1000 mg per week.

Frequent questions from our customers
Testosterone enanthate 250 mg Moldavian Pharma is suitable for athletes, bodybuilders and sportsmen who want to improve their physical performance and endurance as well as to accelerate regeneration after workouts.
It is not recommended to independently select a Testosterone enanthate 250 mg Moldavian Pharma regimen. You should consult your doctor or trainer who will be able to recommend the best course of action to achieve the desired results.
Duration of treatment may vary from several weeks to several months. Your trainer or sports doctor can choose the correct duration of the course, taking into account the peculiarities of your body and the desired goals of the drug.
You can pay by credit or debit card or via current account.
You may see the results of Testosterone enanthate 250 mg Moldavian Pharma in a few weeks after you start taking it if you follow the instructions.
The price of Testosterone enanthate 250 mg Moldavian Pharma is 55.00€.
Active substance Testosterone enantato
Active ingredient, mg 250
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Manufacturer Moldavian Pharma
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