Testosterone P 100 mg Prime | TPT-0120

Testosterone P 100 mg Prime | TPT-0120
Brand:Prime Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
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Description of the drug Testosterone P 100 mg Prime

Testosterona P (testosterone propionate) is a well-known and popular steroid drug from the manufacturer of the Primes. It is widely used by athletes to improve their strength performance and build quality and embossed muscles. This drug is produced in the form of injections, while the active chemical is testosterone.

The main advantage of this steroid is its duration of action: when it enters the human body, it begins to take effect immediately. Its effectiveness also lies in the fact that the drug does not provoke fluid accumulation, so the muscle gain gained during the course will be better and there will be no "kickback" phenomenon. Testosterone propionate combined all the best qualities from the two esters of testosterone. Thanks to the large androgenic index, positive results in weight gain, physical performance and an increase in appetite are already visible after the first week. It should be noted that propionate propionate reviews indicate an increased desire for training, an increase in energy reserves, as well as improvements in the athlete's health and well-being.

What properties are inherent in Testosterone P 100 mg Prime?

Testosterone propionate Prime is bought and used by athletes due to its effective effect on the athlete's body. Advantages of its use:

  • helps to minimise the period of time required to gain quality muscle mass;
  • it has fat-burning properties, which makes it possible to acquire a beautiful muscle topography and venous manifestation;
  • relieves pressure from ligaments and joints;
  • a noticeable increase in strength parameters;
  • increased sexual activity;
  • painless injections;
  • minimum half-life of propionate;
  • recommended for restoring strength after exhausting training;
  • reduces the load on the cardiovascular system;
  • raising the emotional state;
  • mild "kickback" phenomenon upon completion of the medication.

Many athletes can buy Prime propionate in UK. The drug is used to minimize the likelihood of coronary disease and heart ischemia, to strengthen muscle hyperplasia and accelerate recovery in their tissues, to increase the insulin-like growth factor in the liver and muscles, to increase the nitrogen concentration in muscle tissues. The big advantage of this steroid is that the ether does not accumulate water in the body. For many athletes, this property is particularly attractive, as it 'dries out' the fluid and reduces the fat layer.

Active substance Testosterone, Testosterone Propionato
Active ingredient, mg 100
Release form Bottle
1 bottle, ml 10
Bottles in the package, pcs 1
Manufacturer Prime
Packing Bottle
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