Tiros (T3) 50 mg Pharmacom Labs | TPT-0011

Tiros (T3) 50 mg Pharmacom Labs | TPT-0011
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Tiros 50 mg Pharmacom Labs

Tiros, also known as T3, is a thyroid hormone that significantly influences almost every physiological process in the body, including growth and development, metabolism, body temperature, and heart rate.This hormone is involved in many cellular functions, including the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.When a person no longer produces enough of this hormone, while suffering from hypothyroidism, the metabolism does not function properly, which causes an increase in body fat, loss of energy and even hair loss in some cases.

Taking thyroid hormone, it will make up for its lack and solve the problem.Generally, only a low dose of T3 should be taken to treat hypothyroidism. This will not necessarily promote increased fat loss, but it may return the metabolism back to proper working order.

Effects Testosteronе U (Testosteron Undecanate) 250 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals

  • The use of triiodothyronine along with restricting calorie intake will contribute to significant and accelerated fat loss.
  • increases the basal metabolic rate and thus increases the supply of oxygen and energy consumption in the body.
  • stimulates the production of RNA polymerase I and II and, therefore, increases the rate of protein synthesis.
  • potentiates the effects of beta-adrenergic receptors on glucose metabolism. Thus, it increases the rate of glycogen breakdown and glucose synthesis into gluconeogenesis.
  • stimulates the breakdown of cholesterol and increases the number of LDL receptors, thereby increasing the rate of lipolysis.
  • increases the heart rate and contraction force, thereby increasing cardiac output, by increasing the level of beta-adrenergic receptors in the myocardium. This results in an
  • increase in systolic blood pressure and a decrease in diastolic blood pressure.

Before taking this drug, we strongly recommend having a blood test!

Tiros course and dosage Testosteronе U (Testosteron Undecanate) 250 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals

It is important that the course lasts no more than 6 weeks, without abrupt cessation of TK. Dosages should be gradually reduced by 15-25 μg every 3-4 days.

Active substance Cytomel
Active ingredient, mg 50
Release form Pills
1 pill, mg 50
Blister, pills 2, 50
Manufacturer Pharmacom Labs
Packing Packing (2 blisters), Blister (50 pills)
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