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Turinagen 10 mg Genetic Labs | TPT0104
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Oral anabolic steroids - Turinagen 10 mg Genetic Labs

Surely each of us has heard about oral steroids at least once in our lives. On our website you can buy steroids in pills for a great price. With the arrival of athletes, bodybuilders and weightlifters, sports pharmacology has become particularly popular. If before taking sports drugs it was necessary to undergo certain training, now you can buy drugs that help even newcomers achieve good results.Most oral anabolic steroids are derived from testosterone, just like Turinagen 10 mg from Genetic Labs. They help to increase endurance, strength and muscle mass. It is testosterone, the male sex hormone, which is responsible for muscle growth, endurance and strength. This hormone enables you to achieve excellent sports performance and, by increasing your endurance, you can achieve greater effects from increased intensity training.

Effect of taking oral anabolic steroids

Having weighed all the pros and cons of taking oral anabolic steroids, the athlete decides in favour of the course as he expects to increase his strength and muscle mass gain in a short period of time. By taking oral anabolic steroids in the recommended dosage, the athlete can safely expect the following effects from taking oral anabolic steroids without fear of side effects:

  • Improved endurance;
  • Increasing muscle mass;
  • Acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • Increased glycogen production;
  • Appetite development;
  • Increased efficiency from training.

However, in order to get the desired effect from taking oral anabolic steroids, it is necessary to follow the recommendations for their use clearly.

Recommendations on taking oral anabolic steroids

Before administering oral anabolic steroids, the athlete must clearly define the goals he or she will pursue. Remember that it is extremely contraindicative for beginners to start taking steroids at maximum doses. Thus, by starting with low doses, the novice athlete will be able to detect and stop taking medication in time if there are adverse reactions.The list of drugs allowed for novice athletes is known to everyone, and it will therefore not be difficult to find information for them. For more experienced athletes, drugs with greater impact are needed, but in order to achieve and maintain results, professional advice and a properly designed course is required. The course must take into account all the characteristics of the athlete's body, be tested and take into account his or her physical data.The recommended dosage for oral anabolic drugs depends on the drug you are planning to take. Oral medication can achieve good results, but it is toxic to the liver. Therefore, athletes should take hepatoprotective medicines together with the tablet form of steroids.

Reviews on anabolic steroid use

Of course, there are both negative and positive reviews of oral anabolic steroids. For the most part, negative reviews are written by athletes with obvious side effects. It should be noted that such manifestations occur only if the recommended doses are exceeded on their own and if the medication is taken without consulting the relevant specialists. However, all pharmacology, if not adhered to the recommended doses, may ultimately lead to irreversible health effects.

Country Europa
Substance Turinabol
Active ingredient, mg 10
1 tablet, mg 10
Packaging Tablet
Manufacturer Genetic Labs
Release form Sachet (100 tablets)
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