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Turinazol 10 mg Sopharma | TPT0106
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Turinazol is a steroid drug. Bodybuilders take it for building lean muscle mass. This drug can be compared to metandrostenolone. They have similar effects on the body.


The substance was produced by a chemical modification of the methyl testosterone molecule and the addition of a chlorine atom in position 4. As a result, Turinabol has no conversion to estrogens and does not cause gynecomastia or swelling. The tablet steroid is effective for 1 day after admission and its half-life is 16 hours. Buying Turinazol in the UK is very beneficial for athletes, as it is 1.8 times more effective than natural testosterone anabolic effects, and in terms of androgenic properties it is inferior, so it less often causes side effects.

The steroid profile of the substance is characterised by the suppression of pituitary secretion of gonadotropins, which must be taken into account in the course.

Readings of Turinazol 10 mg from Sopharma

Specialists in sports pharmacology recommend ordering Turinabol 10 mg to achieve these results:

  • guaranteed body weight gain without the phenomenon of kickback;
  • active fat burning and "drying", increasing the relief of muscles;
  • increasing the indices of strength and endurance;
  • improved blood supply and oxygen delivery to muscles;
  • effective preparation for sports competitions.


The standard mass dose is 20-40 mg, for professional athletes it is up to 100 mg per day. The preparation Turinazol 10 mg is taken in courses of 6-8 weeks. The minimum concentration of 10-20 mg per day should be limited to a minimum of 10-20 mg to improve endurance without muscle building.

Country Bulgaria
Substance Turinabol
Active ingredient, mg 10
1 tablet, mg 10
Packaging Tablet
Manufacturer Sopharma
Release form Sachet (100 tablets)
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