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General information:Anastrozolos influences the body in such a way that it reduces the amount of aro..

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Anastrozol is an anti-estrogenic drug, created by Vermodje in 1995. Initially, it was used for treat..

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Characteristics of the active ingredient Anastrozole 1 mg TevaNormally, estrogens from testosterone ..

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Experienced bodybuilders and beginners who want to quickly build muscle mass know that taking anabolic steroids involves the risk of side effects.Thus, some anabolics have the property to flavor - to transform into estrogens. Female sex hormones trigger the feminization of the male body. Here, "Anastrozol" can come to the aid, which is absolutely easy to buy. This drug first appeared on the pharmaceutical market in the mid-nineties and was used in the treatment of breast cancer. In modern medicine, this drug is no longer used. In sports, "Anastrozol" is used as an aromatase inhibitor, in other words, the drug suppresses the effect of this enzyme.

The receptors of estradiol are blocked, and unpleasant "side effects" bypass you.

What will be the effect of taking "Anastrozol":

  • estrogen level will decrease;
  • pressure will be normalized;
  • will increase the production of anabolic hormones;
  • the elimination of the possibility of gynecomastia;
  • the fluid will not be trapped in the body;
  • the quality of muscle mass will be improved.

The price of "Anastrozol" is quite acceptable. Athletes note that a special advantage of the drug is its very fast action. Moreover, the drug stimulates the growth of endogenous testosterone. Typically, the course "Anastrozol" is taken very rarely in the dosage of 0.25 mg 2-3 times a week, and for preventive purposes before it or after to eliminate the consequences in the dosage of 0.5 mg a day. The duration of intake should not exceed two weeks. Since "Anastrozol" is released in pills, the highest rate of absorption into the blood is achieved when taking on an empty stomach.

Note that people with problems with the cardiovascular system, taking this medicine is contraindicated. It is also not recommended to use the drug for women athletes, because there may be serious violations in the hormonal background.

Anastrozole is an excellent and high-quality drug.

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