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Hygetropin is a non-steroidal preparation in the form of somatotropin (responsible for human growth)..

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Updated: 24/08/2022
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The main information about the product

Growth hormone is a peptide hormone produced in the anterior pituitary lobe that affects protein synthesis, regulates carbohydrate metabolism, and is involved in the functioning of many systems and organs.

The amount of the hormone changes during life: it reaches a peak in adolescence (150 ng/kg body weight per day), and after the age of 30 it decreases by about 15% per decade.

After the human body is fully mature, growth hormone continues to perform many important tasks. It regulates the liver and heart, supports physical endurance and cognitive function, and protects against fat accumulation and muscle loss.

Since a decrease in growth hormone is associated with muscle depletion and fat gain, one might assume that by increasing the amount of growth hormone, one can get pumped up and lean faster. 

Growth hormone helps build muscle

Growth hormone influences the production of the hormones insulin-like growth factor (IGF1) and insulin, which have an anabolic effect by increasing protein synthesis and decreasing protein breakdown.

Growth hormone increases protein synthesis in the body after strength training, both in young and old people.

In the sports milieu, growth hormone is often combined with other anabolics, such as testosterone, and taken in enormous doses. Such "cocktails" may really help in building muscles.

Growth hormone is useful for sports and fitness for several reasons at once:

  • It reduces fat percentage and keeps muscles "lean";
  • Growth hormone stimulates the release and oxidation of free fatty acids and provides good results in weight loss;
  • Can help during recovery.

Physiological effects of the product

Growth hormone prevents the development of various destructive processes in the body and stimulates recovery. Many renowned scientists claim that growth hormone rejuvenates the body for 10-20 years:

  • the skeletal system is strengthened;
  • fatty deposits are converted into muscle;
  • immunity is strengthened;
  • mental abilities increase;
  • blood cholesterol level decreases;
  • sexual performance increases.

The Anabolic Effects of Growth Hormone

But if your goal is to increase muscle mass, then you need maximum stimulation, and that means that the growth hormone alone is not enough. You need a complex of preparations, which will help to strengthen not only the effect of the hormone but also the safety of your body. There is a certain scheme of preparations: growth hormone - anabolic and androgenic steroids - insulin - thyroid hormones.


Growth hormone is the strongest acting drug for mass growth and fat burning. For the best effect, it is necessary to stick to the course, daily routine, diet, and training. The dosage depends on the severity of the load and the type of sport. For example, track and field athletes reach 8 units per day, which is not enough for gaining weight, but for physical performance like endurance, it is quite enough.

For bodybuilders, the minimum dosage should be 12-16 units, and the course should be at least 3 months. They need a larger dosage because the receptors get used to the drug quite quickly, so you should not inject it for a long time. After the conducted course of therapy, a break equal to the length of the course is necessary.

Of course, it is not prohibited to take growth hormone for 6 months or more, but only in small doses, 2-4 units per day. However, hypertrophy and hyperplasia of muscle cells are almost impossible to achieve with such a regimen.

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