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Tableted steroids

The desire to quickly increase muscle mass, improve sports performance or add relief to the body leads us to sports pharmacology. Pillated anabolic steroids are usually the starting point for many young athletes. This form of administration seems psychologically safer than injections, which are not only sometimes painful but can also provoke lumps or other reactions. What's more, you need to be able to do them or talk to specialists. So the steroids in the pills have undoubted advantages: both in convenience and in storage. The convenience has been sorted out - let's move on.

Among the preparations, quite often you can find different forms of release with the same active ingredient, such as Primobolan, Danabol and Stanozalol. However, it also happens that the product is only available in one form. For example, Turinabol and Oxandrolon refer only to tablet steroids, when Trenbolon and Masteron refer to injectable steroids.

For this reason, experienced athletes select the drug that will have the greatest impact on the desired result: muscle gain, preparation for competitions or drying. Sometimes athletes make a combined course in order to obtain the maximum effect: a combination of oral and injectable anabolic drugs. Today you can see a lot of information on the high toxicity of anabolic steroids in pills on the web. Of course, the main active ingredient enters the gastrointestinal tract and then passes through the liver.

In which cases does toxicity occur

It is worth understanding here that toxicity only starts to manifest itself in the following cases:

  • Incorrect dosages;
  • Exceeding the permitted course length;
  • Using several tablets in one course.

Therefore, before taking anabolic drugs, in order to avoid unpleasant side effects, it is essential to read the instruction manual and consult a specialist for the selection of an individual dose.

Numerous studies have shown, for example, that 'methane' starts to show toxicity when used over eighty grams per day, when the recommended dosage is thirty to forty milligrams. It is also worth noting that toxic effects on the liver are generally reversible when the course is completed.

Always stick to the technology of taking tablet steroids:

  • Strict adherence to dosages;
  • Correct combination of anabolic drugs in one course;
  • It is not recommended to take several anabolic pills in one course;

Do not forget to take the course therapy after the course. Have a good and effective workout!

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