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Fluoxymesterone 10 mg is one of the most powerful products that professional athletes use. Taking th..

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General information:Fluoxymesterone is a favourite product for powerlifters and weightlifters becaus..

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It exhibits very high androgenic activity and very little anabolic, with little flavouring, so side ..

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Halotest is an androgenic anabolic steroid. Its chemical active ingredient is fluoximesterone. The form of release is pills. Among athletes, the preparation is quite popular during the final part of preparation for the upcoming competitions. It significantly improves strength performance. Compared to other drugs, androgenic activity is 8.5 times higher than testosterone, and anabolic activity is 20 times higher.

Effects of use

  • physical strength indicators are increasing;
  • the appearance of muscles improves, the relief becomes more pronounced and muscle tissue becomes harder;
  • increased motivation and aggressiveness in preparation for competitions;
  • is not converted into estrogens;
  • burns the fatty subcutaneous cells;
  • increases the level of hemoglobin synthesis;
  • stimulates accelerated production of erythropoietin.

Side effects

In addition to the positive effects listed above, the halo test has several side effects. These include toxic effects on

  • the liver, and steroid significantly suppresses the hypothalamus-pituitary testicle axis.

Pharmacodynamic properties

Fluoximesterone is an androgen hormone. It stimulates the growth and development of the male genitals and secondary sexual traits (maturation of the prostate, seminal vesicles, penis and scrotum), the distribution of male hair on the face, pubis and chest), the development of the larynx and body muscles and the distribution of fat. It traps nitrogen, sodium, potassium and phosphorus, enhances anabolism and reduces protein catabolism. Premature increases in androgenic hormone concentrations in plasma before puberty cause epiphysis to close and growth to stop. It stimulates erythropoietin and erythrocyte production. In large doses, it inhibits the secretion of luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormones in the pituitary gland and inhibits spermatogenesis.


Hypersensitivity to components of the drug, prostate or breast carcinoma; prostate hypertrophy with symptoms of urinary disorders; nephrosis or the nephrotic phase of nephritis, oedema; hypercalcemia; liver dysfunction; diabetes mellitus; heart and coronary failure, myocardial infarction in the history, atherosclerosis in elderly men; pregnancy, breastfeeding.

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