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The main information about the product

Water with different degrees of purification is widely used in medical and pharmaceutical practice.

Water is a universal and the most available solvent. This property allows the use of water as a solvent and dispersion medium for the preparation of liquid dosage forms. In pharmaceutical practice, it is customary that if the prescription does not specify the solvent, purified water is used - germicidal water.

Purified water is used in medicine:

  • medicinal solutions for internal and external use;
  • eye drops and ophthalmologic solutions;
  • medicinal preparations for newborns;
  • non-injectable solutions for which subsequent sterilization is foreseen.

If sterilization is not provided for drug forms, purified sterile water is used.

Injection water is the basis of those dosage forms to which high purity requirements are imposed, it serves for dissolving injection and infusion preparations. Injection water is also used for the final rinsing of medical ware and equipment before sterilization.

Injections preparations made under germicidal water and not subject to subsequent sterilization are made on the basis of sterile water for injections.

Germicidal water has no pharmacological activity. It is used as a solvent and serves for the preparation of infusion and injection solutions, providing optimal conditions for substrates and water compatibility and effectiveness.

Description of the germicidal water 

Germicidal water must satisfy all the requirements for purified water. An additional quality requirement is the absence of pyrogenicity, i.e. the ability of some substances to raise the body temperature, which is characteristic of the products of metabolism of microorganisms.

High requirements for the production, equipment, personnel, and workflow of germicidal water at the international level are regulated by the standard GMP - "Good manufacturing practices" ("Good Manufacturing Practices"). GMP standard includes the requirements for the organization of the production of drugs, including water for injection.

For quality control, injection water is additionally tested for the absence of reducing substances, ammonium ions, and carbon dioxide. On a quarterly basis, the injection water is subjected to a full chemical analysis.

Methods for obtaining germicidal water:

  • Distillation in pyrogenic aqua distillers;
  • Membrane methods (reverse osmosis, microfiltration, ultrafiltration).

Complex systems for the preparation of germicidal water usually combine several methods, including pre-treatment of water, the main purification method, and the final purification methods to separate macromolecules and colloidal particles.

Indications of the product

Dissolution and dilution of drugs for their parenteral (injection) administration. Used for preparation of sterile infusion (injection) solutions from powders, lyophilizers, and concentrates.

Directions for use and dosages

Subcutaneously, intramuscularly, intravenously, and intra-arterially after dissolution or dilution of the drugs. The dose and speed of administration should be determined by the instructions of the drug, for the dilution of which will be used germicidal water. Preparation of drug solutions using germicidal water should be made aseptically.

Special precautions about Germicidal water

Germicidal water s not to be mixed with oil solutions for injection. Germicidal water cannot be directly injected intravascularly because of the low osmotic pressure (risk of hemolysis!). There are no data on the effect of the drug on the speed of psychomotor reactions when driving a car and working with precise mechanisms. Freezing during transport is allowed.

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