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Melanotan 2 10 mg Peptide Sciences

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Drugs to increase endurance

According to the classification of pharmacological means, 4 classes of drugs are allocated to increase physical endurance: nonexhausting, exhausting and mixed action. There are also drugs with a secondary positive effect on performance.

Medical definition of the active ingredient

To increase endurance and the formation of resistance to fatigue used drugs metabolic type of action.

Pharmacological group of the active substance

Mixed-action drugs include synthetic glucocorticoids. Non-draining agents include adaptogens, nootropics, non-steroidal and steroid anabolics, and actoprotectors.

Weight-absorbing drugs include psychomotor stimulants.

Characteristics of the active ingredient

Medicines to increase the endurance of the depleting type contribute to the activation of the mediator link. They are quickly involved in the energy supply of the body's reserves.

Mixed-type medications help to stimulate gluconeogenesis in the liver. It has a catabolic effect (glucose is formed during metabolism of amino acids). Additional effect is anti-insulin. Also drugs of this type help to reduce protein synthesis in muscle cells.

Products of nonexhausting type have a metabolic mechanism of action. There is no exhaustion of the body's reserve capacity. Such drugs are allowed to use for a long time.

Use of the substance in sports

It is recommended that people who are professionally engaged in sports pay attention to sports nutrition. The main types of additives:

  • Protein. Additive helps to "feed" the muscles. It refers to drugs to increase endurance while running. Its use is also recommended for people engaged in bodybuilding. Types of protein mixtures: low carbohydrate, vegetable, whey;
  • ESAA. These are amino acids that contribute to the production of resistance to fatigue. They buy the process of muscle "acidification". Help to enhance the effect of protein and creatine. Thanks to these amino acids, the duration of the training process is increased. It is recommended to take ESAA before training;
  • Creatine. Promotes the growth of muscle strength, eliminates the signs of fatigue. When used in bodybuilding helps to form the relief. It is recommended to take creatine before a workout;
  • Pre-training complex. The supplement is rich in stimulants, anabolics, minerals, beta-alanine, adaptogens. Helps to restore muscle tissue and saturate the body with energy. Helps to increase physical stability and performance;
  • Vitamins and minerals. Promotes the stimulation of metabolic processes, energy production, increase endurance and normalization of internal organs and systems.

Drugs to increase endurance. Contraindications.

Main contraindications:

  • gastrointestinal diseases;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • diseases of heart and blood vessels;
  • kidney pathologies;
  • liver pathologies.


It is not recommended to take several additives simultaneously, duplicating each other in action.

Side effects

Before you buy drugs to increase strength and endurance, you should know what side effects they cause.

Means of exhaustion type may cause an over-activation of the sympathetic nervous system. It is likely to disrupt the tolerance of hyperthermia and hypoxia.

Means of mixed type, used in high doses, provoke:

  • reduction of connective tissue formation;
  • antibody formation;
  • oppression of the immune system;
  • osteoporosis development;
  • muscular dystrophy.

Preparations to increase endurance. Reception courses

One-time dosing:

  • Protein: 25-30 g.
  • Amino acids: up to 3 g.
  • Creatine: up to 6 g.
  • Pre-training complex and vitamins are taken 1 serving each (see on the package).
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