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Clomide is an anti-estrogen, which is preferably used to prevent the side effects associated with steroid drugs and to normalize the natural production of testosterone. The use of this substance allows an athlete to preserve his accumulated muscle mass and body strength, which contributes to the preservation of all that was obtained during the course. The drug really has positive effects on the body and is able to restore its work after a long course of strong and moderate steroids.

Clomide during the course

Many athletes who use steroids try to take maximum care of their bodies. In order to avoid negative reactions and to quickly restore the level of your own testosterone and its production, many people use clomide during the course. Among the most common allegations of PCT can be attributed:

The fight against the negative consequences of the use of strong steroids should be carried out in any case, you can not let everything go down on its own.

It is mandatory to use clomide after a cycle, as post-course therapy is necessary after each course.

During the application of such a strong steroid as Sustanan, there is a possibility that the body will very quickly occur irreversible processes, the level of its own testosterone will fall and it is difficult to raise it naturally. It is possible to do this, but to recover without drugs you need to spend from 6 months time. If you decide to use a strong course of the drug, you should start drinking clomide in the dosage of 100 mg per day from the first week after taking it. If you do not know how to take clomide, it is worth to seek help from a doctor, he can make the correct dosage of the drug. Starting from the second week, it is worth paying special attention to the reduction of clomide dosage, now it should be used 50 mg per day.

Two weeks of use of clomide can fully restore the function of the testicles and the level of testosterone, putting in order its natural production.

Using clomide during and after a course gives an athlete the opportunity to insure themselves against muscle destruction and catabolism, as well as rapid loss of accumulated mass. Also, the substance will be able to restore the work of the body, the functioning of which was suppressed during the intake of a strong steroid drug.

Clomide intake course

Before applying, be sure to determine what your goal is and consult with specialists regarding individual dosages and course duration.The course of clomid intake should be about two weeks, but not more.

Day one - the fifth, you can take one - two tablets a day, immediately after eating, drinking regular water. If you will take two tablets daily, you can divide the reception into morning and evening, that is, take one tablet in the morning, after eating, another tablet in the evening, too, after eating. From the fifth or sixth day the dose should be reduced to one tablet / day, and so before the end of the course, that is, another 5 - 7 days.

Before using any drugs of this effect, be sure to pass an examination, do not harm your health.

Clomide side effects:

  • Possible appearance of diarrhea
  • Display of nausea
  • The possibility of blood clots
  • Occasionally can twist in the head
  • Increased concentration of estrogen in blood
  • Moral exhaustion

Exit clomide course

In order to achieve better results, clomide should be used immediately after pumping the muscle mass, that is, after the last day of the course. It is recommended to start the next day, but if it does not work, you can delay this period a little, but not longer than 1 week. The standard dosage for men can be from 50 to 100 mg per day. It is recommended to use the tablets daily for 2-3 weeks of recovery. The exact dosage and duration of administration is ideally prescribed by the attending doctor.

If you do not know how to use the substance, it is worth drinking after a meal, not bite and drink a lot of fluid. It is important to use the substance at the same time, not this morning, but tomorrow night and when you want or have succeeded. It is also important to pay attention to the fact that during the use of this drug in no case is recommended to use alcohol, because in combination with steroid drugs, it can cause irreparable effects in the body. Exit clomide is quite easy, but it is important to take into account the peculiarities of the body and it is better to consult with a doctor in advance.

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