Nandrolone decanoate

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The active chemical Nandrolon Decanoate

Beginners in steroid courses should settle for a dose of 200mg per week. Rethabolil combines very well with Metandrostenolone and testosterone to build muscle mass. The popular combination of Retabolil - Metandrostenolone provides fast and powerful muscle growth. Most athletes typically take 15-40mg of Metandrostenolone per day and 200-400mg of Rethabolil per week. The huge muscle and strength gain is demonstrated by athletes taking 400mg of Rethabolil per week. Rethabolil is a good base steroid that can be combined with many other steroids to build muscle mass. Although Rethabolil is not an optimal steroid for competition preparation, it is also good for many athletes in this phase. Since Metandrostenolone is a long-acting anabolic, there is a risk that excess water will accumulate before the competition at higher dosages.Those who are not at risk of such controls may use Retabolil as a base drug for strong anabolic effects at doses of 400mg per week. The androgens contained in doses of 400mg per week also help accelerate regeneration. Often observed in athletes preparing for championships, the combination is included as follows: Retabolil 400mg per week + Winstrol 500mg per week, Parabolan 228mg per week, Oxandrolon 2mg per week. Although the side effects of taking Rethabolil are relatively small, dosages above 400mg per week can still cause androgen-conditioned effects. These include increased blood pressure, slower clotting, which can lead to frequent nasal bleeding and bleeding for long periods of time without healing wounds, and increased sebaceous gland activity and sometimes progressive acne. Young athletes talk about headaches and sexual super-stimulation. If very high doses are taken over a longer period of time, men may experience spermatogenesis delays, i.e. the testicles will produce less testosterone.

This is the reason why Rethabolil, like almost all steroids, causes delays in gonadropin release from the pituitary gland. Since Rethabolil has no negative effect on the liver, it can be used in liver diseases. Studies have shown that the combined use of Metandrostenolone and Rethabolil leads to increased liver secretion, which is still normalised when alculated Metandrostenolone is discontinued and when Rethabolil is taken further. Even a few years of treatment with Rethabolil does not detect liver damage. Rethabolil therefore combines well with Andriol (240-280mg per day), because Andriol is not removed from the body through the liver and therefore does not affect its function. This combination is a favourite with mature and careful steroid users.

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