Nandrolone decanoate

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The active chemical Nandrolon Decanoate

Beginners in steroid courses should settle for a dose of 200mg per week. Rethabolil combines very well with Metandrostenolone and testosterone to build muscle mass. The popular combination of Retabolil - Metandrostenolone provides fast and powerful muscle growth. Most athletes typically take 15-40mg of Metandrostenolone per day and 200-400mg of Rethabolil per week. The huge muscle and strength gain is demonstrated by athletes taking 400mg of Rethabolil per week. Rethabolil is a good base steroid that can be combined with many other steroids to build muscle mass. Although Rethabolil is not an optimal steroid for competition preparation, it is also good for many athletes in this phase. Since Metandrostenolone is a long-acting anabolic, there is a risk that excess water will accumulate before the competition at higher dosages.Those who are not at risk of such controls may use Retabolil as a base drug for strong anabolic effects at doses of 400mg per week. The androgens contained in doses of 400mg per week also help accelerate regeneration. Often observed in athletes preparing for championships, the combination is included as follows: Retabolil 400mg per week + Winstrol 500mg per week, Parabolan 228mg per week, Oxandrolon 2mg per week. Although the side effects of taking Rethabolil are relatively small, dosages above 400mg per week can still cause androgen-conditioned effects. These include increased blood pressure, slower clotting, which can lead to frequent nasal bleeding and bleeding for long periods of time without healing wounds, and increased sebaceous gland activity and sometimes progressive acne. Young athletes talk about headaches and sexual super-stimulation. If very high doses are taken over a longer period of time, men may experience spermatogenesis delays, i.e. the testicles will produce less testosterone.

This is the reason why Rethabolil, like almost all steroids, causes delays in gonadropin release from the pituitary gland. Since Rethabolil has no negative effect on the liver, it can be used in liver diseases. Studies have shown that the combined use of Metandrostenolone and Rethabolil leads to increased liver secretion, which is still normalised when alculated Metandrostenolone is discontinued and when Rethabolil is taken further. Even a few years of treatment with Rethabolil does not detect liver damage. Rethabolil therefore combines well with Andriol (240-280mg per day), because Andriol is not removed from the body through the liver and therefore does not affect its function. This combination is a favourite with mature and careful steroid users.\

Why Nandrolone Decanoate is considered the best

One of the popular drugs for improving training efficiency and fast muscle gain is Deca, which has become widespread mainly because of its positive effects on the body combined with extremely low probability of side effects and easy tolerance of injections. A course of Nandrolone Decanoate usually lasts no longer than 16 weeks, but many athletes take this anabolic even longer. 

Nandrolone decanoate was created in 1960. Two years later, it was already being actively used for medical purposes. The first manufacturer of the deck was the famous Dutch company Organon. Very quickly the steroid was noticed by athletes, and today it continues to be one of the most popular AAS used by athletes. At the moment, every manufacturer of sports pharmaceuticals has this product in its product line.


The main advantages of nandrolone decanoate are:

  • Multiple acceleration of muscle mass gain.
  • Strengthening of ligaments and bones
  • Increased endurance and decreased joint pain.
  • Rapid regeneration, especially after injuries.

How Nandrolone Decanoate Works

Deca is a synthetic substance derived from the male hormone. It is a prolonged anabolic, under the influence of which the body significantly increases the rate of protein production, as well as retaining nitrogen, potassium, calcium, sodium. All this contributes to fast growth of muscle tissues and rapid recovery from severe injuries.

Bodybuilders use nandrolone decanoate (also known as DEKA) to gain muscle mass, because, unlike some other drugs, it does not lose mass after taking it, and the overall effect is observed after several weeks of consumption. And while side effects do occur in rare cases, all of these can be avoided simply by following the dosage. Otherwise, you may experience headaches, acne, mood swings, or deca-dic.

You should take testosterone during a course with deca as nandrolone tends to decrease the content of this hormone in the body. In addition to testosterone, there are other drugs that give excellent effects in combination with deca, such as winstrol and methandrostenolone.

Side Effects

The conversion rate of nandrolone to estrogens is only 20 percent of testosterone. This process mainly takes place in the liver and the risks of developing side effects of this type are not as high as on a course of the male hormone. However, exceeding the allowable dosages will negate this advantage of deka, which suggests that such a step is not advisable. If you are doing a solo course of the drug, anti-estrogens can only be used when the first symptoms of side effects appear. However, it is important to remember that unlike esters of male hormone (testosterone), nandrolone decanoate has progestin activity. This can lead to the same negative effects as the aromatic-prone drugs. With cabergoline, however, this disadvantage can be eliminated.

Deca can increase blood pressure, decrease the rate of endothelial relaxation of blood vessels and stimulate hypertrophy of cardiac muscle. All these properties of the drug may cause the development of cardiovascular diseases. To avoid this side effect, you should minimise your intake of fast carbohydrates, saturated fatty acids and cholesterol directly on a course with Deca.

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