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Almost all professional bodybuilders, powerlifters today resort to the help of special drugs that help to quickly obtain the desired results. In common people, these substances are called steroids. Amateurs, whose life is not connected with professional sports, but have a goal to get a beautiful relief body, cannot do without their use. There is a great variety of anabolic steroids on the modern market, but practice and research have proven that oxymetholone is most effective.

Originally discovered in the Randall Laboratories in 1960, this substance was presented to the general public as an innovative and very effective drug for anemia, blood cancer, osteoporosis. After the start of its use, a number of side effects were identified that reduced the therapeutic effect to zero. But they did not forget about the drug and began to use it in professional bodybuilding. Today, every athlete considers it necessary to buy anadrol, because its reception gives quick results with a minimum level of negative impact on the body.

Anapolon in the world of androgenic steroids

Many athletes, knowing the history of the appearance of the drug in sports, are wondering whether it is worth buying oxymetholone and whether it will not have too much negative effect on internal organs and systems. The phenomenon of this anabolic is that when taken by a healthy strong person, the side effects from it are minimal in comparison with other steroids.

Subject to strict adherence to the dosage and the rules of admission, you can get the following positive results:

  • fast set of a significant amount of mass;
  • a small percentage of rollback after stopping the intake;
  • increased blood levels of free testosterone;
  • acceleration of protein production;
  • slowing down catabolic processes;
  • stimulation of the production of synovial fluid;
  • reducing the risk of injury when working with heavy weight;
  • reducing the likelihood of sprains;
  • reduction of muscle pain after vigorous training.

From the foregoing, we can conclude that oxymetholone, the price of which is the most democratic on our official website balkanfarm.kz, is one of the most effective steroids that even girls can use without fear. In order to minimize side effects, it is important to observe the recommended dosage - 25-50 mg of the drug per day. For female bodybuilding, this is quite enough to get beautiful muscle definition and burn subcutaneous fat.

Features of taking the drug

Like any other anabolic steroid, anadrol increases muscle mass mainly due to its strong fluid retention. Therefore, it is quite natural that after the end of the course, the average duration of which is from 4 to 6 weeks, the same rapid weight loss will occur. In order to fix and preserve the result obtained for a long time, it is advisable to take peptide hormones, in particular hCG. It is also recommended to take care of the hormonal background and add anti-estrogenic drugs to the list of taken drugs.

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