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Pharma STAN 50 mg Pharmacom Labs

Description of the drug Pharma STAN 50 mg Pharmacom LabsPharmaSTAN 10ml 50mg (1 vial) from Pharmacom..

Pharma STAN 50 Oil Base 50 mg Pharmacom Labs
SP Stanoject 50 mg SP Laboratories

Under the commercial name SP Stanoject, the Moldovan company SP Laboratories produces anabolic andro..

Stanoline 50 mg Gold Line
Stanozolol 50 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals
Stanozolol Injectable 50 mg Cygnus
Stanozolol Injection (Winstrol) 50 mg Aburaihan

The preparation Stanozolol 1 ml of 50 mg each is anabolic steroid in the injectable form. It is used..

Stanozolol Suspension U.S.P. 50 mg Zhengzhou

Description of the drug Stanozolol Suspension U.S.P. 1 ml 50 mg ZhengzhouStanazol suspension 1 ml 50..

Strombaject 50 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Strombaject Aqua is an anabolic steroid with moderate androgenic effect. It is used in bodybuilding ..

Winstrol NM 50 mg Euro Prime Farmaceuticals
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Stanosol in injections is a steroid hormone for parenteral use. It is available on both water (see SP Stanoject, Stanozol Suspension Injection or Strombaject aqua) and oil (see PharmaStan 50 Oil Base) bases.

Injection stanozolol is actually identical to its oral analogue: it is also a dihydrotestosterone derivative, characterized by a predominant anabolic (≈ 320% of endogenous testosterone) over androgenic (≈ 30% of endogenous testosterone) activity with rapid action (half-removal ≈ 8-24 hours), no flavouring (conversion to estrogen) and anti-progestogen properties (protection against progestin exposure). The main difference between them is precisely in the form of the release, hence the method of introduction/use.

Description of injections of stasolol

Like much of the sport pharmacology that is relevant today, stanzol steroid was originally not produced for human use. The first commercially available drug with it as an active ingredient was produced by Winthrop Laboratories for traditional and veterinary medicine: for example, it was used to develop the physical form of race horses.

As a sporting drug, injection stasolol, like its oral counterpart, is actively used due to its optimal balance of efficiency and safety. When used in the course of a course, it promotes the quality growth of athlete's muscles without unnecessary water retention and fat accumulation, as well as increasing strength and endurance. Due to the specific nature of its action in bodybuilding, it is used mainly in drying courses, where the main task is to build dense and embossed muscles rather than maximise them.

The effects of stasolol injection:

  • High-quality muscle growth;
  • Fat burning;
  • Excretion of excess fluid;
  • Increasing the density of muscles;
  • Increasing the relief of musculature;
  • Growth of power indices;
  • Increased endurance.

Side effects of stasolol injection, on the other hand, are rare if recommendations are followed, but not completely eliminated. They are likely to include: ligament damage, pain in large joints, high blood pressure, reduced testosterone production, baldness, acne, increased aggression and other complications that usually only develop with prolonged steroid abuse.

Course of injections of stasolol

Feedback from athletes describes the injection stasolol mainly in praise: its main advantage is its practicality when a high dose (≈ 50-100 mg) is needed; although injections can be painful.

The average doses of stasolol recommended for men in injections are 50-100 mg per day/afternoon. Such large doses are by no means recommended for women, because they can provoke androgenation (a symptom complex characterized by complications ranging from coarsening of the voice to facial and body hair).

The Stalinol course in injections is long (6-8 weeks) and combined (with analogues from phenylpropionate testosterone to trenbolone hexahydrobenzyl carbonate) for maximum progress for sports purposes. As a doping drug, it is effectively combined with almost any current sport pharmacology.

Examples of combined courses of injections of stasolol:

Injection stasolol + testosterone propionate are used by a novice athlete to gain lean muscle mass. This is a 6-8-week steroid course at dosages of 50 mg per day and 100 mg per day respectively. Upon completion of this course, a 3-week post-course therapy with tamoxifen is mandatory (up to 10-40 mg/day).

In order to increase the strength potential of an experienced athlete, the injection stasolol + testosterone mix is used. The duration of such a course can be up to 8 weeks, with dosages of up to 100 mg per day and 750 mg per week respectively. The course is effectively completed with testosterone propionate (2 weeks; 100 mg/day), followed by tamoxifen post-course therapy (3 weeks; 20-30 mg/day).

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Stanozolol Injection (Winstrol) 50 mg Aburaihan 3 €
Stanozolol Suspension U.S.P. 50 mg Zhengzhou 50 €
Strombaject Aqua 100 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals 60 €
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