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Testosterone undecanoate - properties, dosage, effect

Testosterone undecanoate is the only testosterone ether that is available in capsule form. The drug belongs to the class of androgenic anabolic steroids and was first launched on the market in the 1980s. Initially, the drug was intended for the treatment of androgenic insufficiency, and only after a while did it become used in heavy sports. Many athletes who have a negative attitude towards injections but also want to quickly build muscle tissue want to buy testosterone undekanoate.

Features of testosterone undecanoate

This anabolic is used by bodybuilders and powerlifters as an effective means of gaining muscle mass and increasing strength and endurance.

Steroid acts as a fat burner, reducing subcutaneous fat and replacing it with quality muscles. It also activates bone growth processes, which makes the bones of athletes stronger and more resilient.

However, experienced athletes claim that the effects of testosterone undecanoate will be more pronounced when combined with more powerful anabolics.

According to recent research, the ether is virtually odourless, so athletes will not encounter gynaecomastia when taking it. However, we should not rule out the possibility of its manifestation and neglect PCT.

The drug is available both in pills and injections, but the first form of release is in great demand. It is non-toxic to the liver, because its special structure absorbs it into the lymph, not the bloodstream.

Rules of intake and efficacy of testosterone undecanoate

Since it is a medicinal product, it is advisable to consult a doctor before taking it, who will be able to calculate the correct dosage. However, practice shows that athletes calculate their daily dosage themselves. Bodybuilders claim that undecanoate starts to work when taken at least 240 mg daily if taken orally.

The effect of the injection drug is quite different. Thanks to its oil-based nature, its action is long enough. If you take steroid in this form, it is recommended that you put one ampoule (1000 mg) every 2-4 weeks. The drug should be injected very slowly.

By taking undecanoate, the following effect can be achieved:

  • muscle mass gain - this is achieved by stimulating protein synthesis;
  • increased strength - this is due to androgenic action;
  • increased sex drive - only observed during anabolic intake;
  • improved hematopoiesis - increases the number of erythrocytes in the blood.

Side effects of testosterone undecanoate

Sometimes the low price of testosterone undecanoate compared to other steroids frightens athletes, and they decide not to take the drug. In fact, this ether is not more harmful than other hormones.

It has a number of negative effects on the body, but its frequency is very low, and it is mainly caused by a deviation from the regimen. Thus, despite recent studies, undecanoate is weak but still flavoured, so acne, gynaecomastia and baldness can occur. It is better for women not to take the air because of their strong musculinisation. There may also be aggression, nausea and gastrointestinal and cardiovascular disorders.

Unlike other testosterone esters, this anabolic is not toxic to the liver as it is not directly absorbed into the bloodstream.

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