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Trenbolone acetate, otherwise known as "tren," is a very powerful anabolic with a moderate androgenic index. You should not be afraid of trend acetate because of progestogenic and estrogenic activity. Everything is solved with the help of inhibitors. It is very important to combine trenbolone with testosterone because tren very quickly reduces endogenous testosterone levels.

Description of the Trenbolone acetate

If your goal is to get rid of fat deposits, gain quality muscle mass and increase strength during training - trenbolone is your assistant. In bodybuilding, trenbolone began to be used in the 70s of the last century. The first manufacturer was the German chemical company Hoechst AG.

Trenbolone is produced in three forms: acetate, enanthate, and hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (the longest form of tren). Acetate form - has the shortest duration of action (average: 24 hours), which is why Trenbolone Acetate is used every other day.

Effects after using the product

Effects of Trenbolone Acetate:

  • It is an excellent fat burner and is often used as a "drying off" agent;
  • Great for increasing strength;
  • Stimulates production of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1);
  • Stimulates the production of red blood cells, thus increasing stamina. 
  • Trenbolone is contraindicated in women and girls.

Perhaps one of the primary factors why Trenbolone Acetate is a popular drug is the powerful "pumping" in your workouts. Your muscles will simply fill up before your eyes after the second, and third sets. The second popular factor is that it is an effective fat burner, fat will be removed from the whole body and not locally.

What to combine Trenbolone Acetate with

Testosterone will be the foundation of the course, any ester, for example, testosterone propionate and Trenbolone Acetate. An excellent combination will be Trenbolone Acetate and Sustanon. The combination of steroids depends directly on your goal. Important: high doses and prolonged use of Tren can considerably influence the reduction of synthesis of thyroid hormones.

Directions for use for beginners

Tren acetate working dosage 50 mg every other day. Testosterone propionate 100 mg also every other day.

The duration of this course will be six weeks, followed by post-course recovery. Do not recommend exceeding the dosage of 50-100 mg trend acetate, otherwise, instead of positive effects, you will get more negative manifestations.

Side effects

A common side effect can be insomnia (insomnia). To solve this problem, include in your diet L-theanine (Theanine), affecting serotonin and dopamine, and helps to improve sleep quality. It is relaxing and relieves anxiety and stress.

Trenbolone cough comes from spasms in the bronchi, amid an increase in pro-inflammatory cytokines, and an effect on the coughing center in the CNS. The solution to this problem: before injecting the drug, put a tablet of prednisolone (metered 4 mg) under your tongue, as soon as you feel a bitter taste in your mouth: give the injection, and there will be no cough.

Trenbolone and profuse sweating. In 90% of cases, athletes report profuse sweating, especially at night. This should not be an alarm, but to avoid dehydration, drink more fluids.

Post-course therapy after Trenbolone Acetate

It is acceptable to use clomiphene citrate (analog in the pharmacy Klostilbegit). The duration of PKT is at least 30 days. The duration and dosages of Clomid depend on which drugs were part of your steroid cycle. Tamoxifen is not used after using trenbolone, nor are nandrolones.

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