Will work outs increase Your Testosterone Levels?

Working out will help you a great deal in raising your testosterone levels. As a matter of fact, most men don’t like physical exercises. Even the men who do exercises regularly, it’s not out of passion, they are just passionate about achieving their desired goals.

Your body is resistant to change and does not like becoming tired. But you want to harden yourself, so you have to make a habit if at all you want your body to adapt in the long run.

The research about exercise and its effects on testosterone is still ongoing, but recent studies shows that there are a number of other factors which are involved.

After exercises, testosterone levels rises but only in the short run. Exercises helps your testosterone levels to increase for a few hours. In normal circumstances, your testosterone level varies throughout the day. Therefore, it is important to know the time at which your testosterone level is at peak during the day. That is the most ideal time to undertake physical exercises.

It’s a fact that physical exercises offers you other health benefits apart from increasing testosterone level. Nonetheless, a workable program is required to enable your body to produce more testosterone. Your brain and your mind works hand in hand in determining your testosterone levels. When you persist on taking vigorous exercises constantly, your brain will record the activity and send an LH signal to your testes to produce more testosterone.

There are various factors that determine whether working out will work for you in increasing your testosterone level or not. Among them include: age, weight, fitness level, and the timing of your workout all matter.


Based on studies, older men do not benefit much from post-exercise boost testosterone levels. Research is still ongoing to figure out why. However, they only get other health related benefits including bone and muscle health, and better balance. Nonetheless, they can use other measures designed to increase testosterone levels naturally such as using natural supplements. Alternatively, they can take testosterone replacement therapy, after a mutual agreement with a doctor; since they stand a high risk of suffering from cardiac complications. However, these studies are not clear enough in defining “old men” but we take it to be men who are especially above 60 years.


According to Dr Isaacs who treat men with low testosterone, obese men will not experience testosterone gain by working out. In his book, Hormonal Balance: How to Lose Weight by Understanding Your Hormones and Metabolism, exercises can only help obese men improve their testosterone by helping them to shed pounds.

Timing of your workouts.

Individual`s testosterone levels varies throughout the day. Recent studies shows that the levels are typically highest in the morning and lowest in the afternoon. Research indicates that strength-training workouts are more effective on altering testosterone levels in the evening. You can, therefore, achieve more desirable results by scheduling your exercise session after work instead of doing it in the morning.

Fitness Level.

Based on studies, exercises can help a man who is not in good shape to get more testosterone boost than a man who is already in good shape. However, after a few weeks, the body gets used to the challenge and cease to produce testosterone in such large amounts. You will get lower hormonal response from the same workout in the long run. It is therefore more beneficial if you keep setting more challenging exercises.


Exercises may help you to increase your testosterone levels and get other health benefits. However, you cannot absolutely expect to increase your testosterone levels from workouts only. Raising your testosterone level entails other factor combinations ranging from diet, lifestyle, using testosterone boosters or testosterone replacement therapy. You just need to keep pressing hard, have a positive attitude, observing your progress and mark which measure suits you most.

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